The Thankfulness Tree

Inspiration by Mail

The nesting holiday mode as begun for me. It happens every year around this time. The urge to snuggle in at home under blankets with a steaming cup of peppermint licorice tea and a book or movie becomes strong. Along with the temptation to gather every brightly colored leaf that has fallen to decorate the ground.

I am not big on decorating for Halloween. I didn’t grow up with my mom putting fake spider webs around the house along with witches and ghosts. Instead she usually did more Fall items and Thanksgiving decorations. I like this method of bringing the outdoors in when it is most colorful. If I was to decorate for Halloween this is how I would like to do it. One of my favorite bloggers, Life in the Fun Lane – Holly, gives Halloween a classic feel that looks just right to me. The only item I think is missing is leaves… lots of them!

This past week, along with my roommate Brittany, we bedecked the house for Autumn! I am so super blessed to have a friend and roommate who enjoys decorating and Fall as much as I do. Together the ideas flowed to create a homey space for us to gather friends and family in for the season.

My usual Fall decorations include a real leaf garland with leaves and pumpkins strewn about.


No pumpkins yet but there is a leaf garland in the entryway and Brittany used her creative touch to create some Autumn themed artwork for us. (She was able to fold the paper in a pattern to create another level of interest in the pieces. Great eye, Girl!) Still to come…a little bit more decorating on the tree branch in the entryway.

While perusing Pinterest, I found the concept of a The Thankful Tree. I instantly knew I wanted to do it in the apartment.

Image from

It seemed right to put up The Thankfulness Tree early to give the roomies and I a daily reminder of what is beautiful in our lives. So far it has worked wonders! Everyday I look for something in my day that truly makes me thankful.

Our tree is a little more of Tree than the original inspiration but it works for us! Brittany and I went scavenging for the branches in the park across from our house. Oh the memories!

Brittany put her artistic talents to go use with adding a whimsical “Thankful” to one of the branches.


A little touch of glitter dust to the branches adds an extra sparkle to our day!

My love of birds and Brittany’s love of glitter is embodied in this stately guardian of the tree. We have yet to name him/her. Suggestions?


We decided as a household that no one was allowed to put “I am thankful for bacon” or any other “dumb” phrase. Only things that you are truly appreciative of. Ironically the pictures that I snapped of two tags both have to do with roommates! 🙂

I am extremely thankful for my roommates! They bring so many smiles, laughs, dancing on furniture moments and insightful wisdom to my life.


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