Its Diving Time!

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One of the biggest thank you’s goes out to Kapowsin Skydiving. Come on people, they kept me from splatting on the ground from 10,000 feet.

I really enjoyed the experience with them. They made it seem so simple and didn’t give much time for jitters to set in to second thoughts. Not that I had any. That didn’t come until 2 days after I made the jump. I was looking at the picture below when I realized that I had jumped from a perfectly good airplane for no apparent reason with only a few tiny straps holding me to the instructor with the parachute. My heart has started to race again just thinking of it. But boy was it fun!!! Actually is was AWESOME!!!

Clearly from this picture I was not thinking about crashing. Nope, just completely stoked instead!

I am now on a mission to have everyone I know experience skydiving. Flying like a bird is one of the most amazing feelings in the whole world. Also being able to see the “world” below you without anything separating the two is so beyond words.

Picture Time!

My tandem instructor who I had met moments before climbing into the plane. Talk about trusting a stranger with your life!

I was a little excited/nervous getting the plane. Case in point: Girl Glistening = Sweaty Arm Pits

About to jump out of the plane! No second thoughts here.

Classic moment. The instructor decided to flip us out of the plane instead of the customary straight dive out of the plane. Made for a great picture and view!

I can’t unequivocally say that I remember this moment but looking at the picture it comes tumbling back in a jumble of emotions.

Oh and there is the perfectly good airplane leaving us in “space.”

Hello Mount Rainier!

All I could while flying was a big wide open mouth smile. Thankfully my instructor provided the in flight humor.

Two thumbs up for skydiving!

Landed safely on the ground and was met by my sidekick adventurer, Dan. It really is one of those cool moments in life, when you realize that the friends you make through life join your for memorable moments later on. Thanks Dan for joining me!

Thank you to Kapowsin for keeping me safe (along with Dan) and providing such a memorable experience for my 25th birthday!

My big cheesy smile that didn’t come off my face the whole day!


One thought on “Its Diving Time!

  1. You are awesome, Girl!! Thank you too, Kapowsin Skydiving, for keeping our girl safe!! What a way to bring in 25….can’t wait to see what you do on your 50th!! Maybe I’ll join you!! That is, if I’m not drooling…………lol

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