Crépe Load of a Good Time!

Art Doodles

The ladies (Brittany, Melissa, Rachel-who is taking a sabbatical in France- and Myself) of the Florentia House host an almost monthly crépe night. Homemade crépes made to order by yours truly (and sometimes Lockhart).

Friends bring a crépe ingredient they would like to try and the ladies supply the batter and blintz cream. The creative combinations ensue with many ambitious people starting new crépe trends for the night. Can anyone say bacon and chocolate?

How does it all work together?

Grab a plate. Write your name and custom crépe order on the underside. Put in the line up. I or Lockhart will create the order on the spot. Hot n Ready to serve!

 List of ingredients available for fillings. This past weekend, the party was appropriately supplied with hot spiced apple cider. Individually spiked thanks to good ol’ Captain Morgan!

Snapshots from all the parties






One little lady always leaves a sweet thank you note on a plate for us.

Always in true crépe party fashion, she writes them on the back of a plate!

Twizzler stash, anyone?

Thank you Miss Christina for making the crépe parties extra special with your notes! (I keep them all. *wink*)

All pictures are a combination of the photographic geniuses of  Rachel Bradley, Scott O’Malley, Ashlee O’Malley, Brittany Ellingsen and party attendees!


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