My Right & Left Hand Ladies

Art Doodles

My birthday celebrations would not have been possible without these two very special ladies, Brittany and Melissa. They are my late night dance partners, early morning laughter and midday check ins. Otherwise known as awesome roommates!!!

Brittany was a complete peach and made my actual birthday one to remember right from the start. She left a handmade card for me by the bathroom sink so I would see it right off. Best way to start off a birthday!

Melissa gave me such a sweet pair of real pearl earrings from her travels last summer. She bought them in a little market (in a very obscure foreign country)! How completely special is that!

And the Tiffany blue box is just icing on top!

Both of these ladies helped me to throw my Dive into 25 birthday party. I literally would not have been able to do it without them. From hanging garland to grocery shopping to keeping calm.

Ladies, you are both extremely amazing!

Brittany does shopping like from the old show “Shop til You Drop”! But of course styling in glitter fabulous cowgirl boots!

And Melissa made me feel like a woman even while skydiving!



My Sweet Spot

Inspiration by Mail

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”

~Phyllis Theroux


I enjoy going to the post office.

What?! What kind of person enjoys the post office?



The anticipation of mail in the process of going from one loving hand through the machines and mailmen to another set of loving hands is the magical part of it all. The suspense of the whole process is what makes mail so utterly wonderful! Most good/great/amazing things in life are worth the wait. Mail is one of these.


To create even more sparkle to sending a piece of mail, I found this mailing center in Ballard. The Mailbox.

This place has a warm cozy aesthetic that has traditional ornate mailboxes for locals, a collection of handmade and unique cards, a play area for the kids, and an array of local goods from jewelry to Space Needle pasta. The cheerful workers help to ship out your precious bundles of hand written love while discussing the happenings around the neighborhood. The process becomes so much more of an experience.


My favorite part is if you have already stamped mail you put it into their mailbox!  A cute novelty idea to make this local shop even more homey.

Another bonus is The Mailbox is located right across the street from Larsens Danish Bakery. When my family moved to Seattle in 2000 from RI, we moved right into this neighborhood. To our added enjoyment of the gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains there were yummy goodies too. If you get the chance, mail a letter and try the Cinnamon Custard Twist. I die!!!

Freshly Grown Love

Art Doodles

I’ve had my eye on glass terrariums for a year or two now. Especially the kinds that can be suspended with small bits of air plants peeking out of them. Yet for some reason I had never purchased one.

A family tradition is to make wish lists for Christmas and birthdays. While it can be argued that this takes the surprise aspect out of birthday gifts; our family never saw it that way. Instead it takes the guess work and stress out if you really can’t find something that they would enjoy. We’ve found this out more than ever living spread across the country from each other.

This year on my birthday wish list I had:

1. $$ for skydiving – for getting the additional video of the flight/fall 🙂

note: I was on the fence about getting the video for skydiving. If you go skydiving, GET THE VIDEO! Dan talked me into it. Best decision!

2. Brunch at Boat Street Cafe – I have worked next to this restaurant for over a year and half yet still have only sampled a few of their Kitchen items. How is that possible!?
3. Gap T-shirt dress in Tall Medium. 
4. Hanging Terrarium – something like this one, only 1 to start
5. New Sheet Set – I would like a printed set that is not too girly but is bright, cheerful and coordinates with my room.)
           a. DVF Studio™ Palm Sheet Set – I don’t know how much this would coordinate with my room. I just like how cheerful it is!
            b. Marimekko Pieni Unikko Red Sheet Set – What a bright pop of color!
                c. Marimekko Pippurikera Wisteria Sheet Sets – coordinates with room beautifully
So my family received the above list this year. My brother and his family, which really means Melissa, beamed in on #4. She was able to find a company, Hinterland Trading, that provides a gift boxed terrarium with an air plant!
This little beaut now hangs in my room catching the rays that sprinkle in through the window. I see it first thing when I walk into my room. Always happy memories to be thought of.
It is a little hard to see in this picture but it is hanging up to left from the owl. The owl was a gift from a family friend (who is actually Melissa’s dad- so basically family too). He loves to antique and thought this would be perfect for me. I agree!
Thank you my dear family for listening to my little requests!
My Tweedles and I at my 25th “Dive into 25” party.
Yup, there’s skydiver me preparing to jump from my hanging terrarium with my air plant over the Olympic Mountains. NBD. 🙂

Crazy Bird & Victorious Virginia Fly!

Art Doodles

As I started planning/anticipating my 25th birthday the options for activities were as follows:

Take a trip

       (but where? and with who? and with what money!!!?)

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

       (with who? training? guide?)

Hike/Cross the Capilano Bridge in Canada

       (not BIG enough for a 25th)

Shoot a gun

       (uuuhhhh accomplished this over Labor Day weekend- heck yeah!)

Go on a safari

       (usually they are in Africa which means traveling and we already discussed that in #1 how that was not possible)


       (The winner! But wait a minute, with who?!)

That is where Crazy Bird Dan came into play.

The same person who graciously did a photo shoot for my friend, Brenda, and I was willing to jump out of a plane with me.

“What a guy! What a crazy, wonderful kind of person!”

(White Christmas, circa 1954)

I sent out a feeler for anyone who would be up to jumping out of planes with me. Dan emphatically said yes! People, that’s the kind of person I want jumping out of planes. A wicked excited one!

And that is the story of how Dan and I came to the point of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Thanks, Dan, for making my birthday truly one to remember!

Crazy Bird, what will our next adventure be?

All smiles after we both landed safely on the ground.

P.S. Dan has gorgeous hair that he is growing out to donate to Wigs for Kids!

Creme de la Creme

Art Doodles

Miss Erin is the epitome of “creme de la creme.” She is one of those people that is elegant, graceful, well versed and just gorgeous in every way!

She is known in my little circle of friends for unexpected notes of gratitude, thanks and admiration. She sent me this one recently!

For my birthday, she gave me such a sweet treat of an adorably presented chocolate bar and hand cream. The perfect sized hand cream for a purse, which is really what matters! I’m always the person riding the bus or in the middle of a store when my hands become noticeably drier to me. At that moment, I would scale mountains for a spot of cream to rub into them. Now that problem is solved!

Isn’t her little note with the washi tape adorable?! Her creative abilities are inspiring to me!

Thank my dear one for always making a bright spot in my life and especially on my birthday!

GiGi, the skydiver, made a “smooth” landing on the hand cream!

A Kickin’ Good Time!

Art Doodles

It is one of those guilty pleasures when one birthday turns into a two week celebration. I love it when this happens!

The birthday celebrations continued with a down home southern dinner at Kickin’ Boot with Tarah. Great food and even better company!

Tarah and I were able to swap war stories over skydiving. She went years ago and loved it! I think I’ve found my partner in crime for the next big jump.

She surprised me with a bag of goodies for my 25th! All things that make me happy!







Round notecards in a dashing pink color! Yes that is completely a Ginny thing!





They are basically nail stickers! What a great idea! A friend had told me about these before but I had yet to try them. Now I’ve got my very own! If only my nails would stop cracking…




And a fancy nail pen to help me create all the designs I have seen on Pinterest.







My dear girl, thank you very much for making my birthday such a celebration! I enjoyed every moment of it!

I dove straight toward Kickin’ Boot right outta the airplane. Its that good!

Booties for Bear Cub!

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

A bright bit of thanks from my cousin, Aimee, and her family!

The stamp is one of my favorites received so far. What an exquisite pint sized piece of artwork!

The happy addition to Aimee’s little family came earlier this year. A baby boy! In an effort to find the perfect gift for this little Bear Cub, I came across a tutorial for crocheted Cowboy Booties. (The tutorial is a video instruction that is so simple to follow. Crochet along in real time with the instructor.) I knew that Bear Cub needed a pair of these!

Cute, right? I mean extremely manly for Bear Cub!

Now take a look at this! Bear Cub is a perfect foot model.

Aimee is perfection with a camera in her hand. Bear Cub has the best baby portraits to look back on.

He has a little bit of growing before he can fill these boots. At the moment, I’ll just admire his sweet little feet.

Thank you, Aimee and family, for giving me a place to send all the creations. Otherwise, I would be the crazy cat lady with too many embroidered pillows, crocheted blankets and…cats. XOXOXO

This past June, I was able to make a cross country trip for my cousin Bekki’s wedding. While there I spent a day hanging out with Bear Cub. What a charmer with the ladies!

A little family photo sesh.

There too beautiful of people not to!

(All photos by Brett & Aimee with Love Tree Photography)

How is it that the ladies in my family look so gorgeous and serene after giving birth! It contradicts all I’ve heard about having a baby.

Brett hops in there for one of Bear Cub’s first of many kisses.

All together now!

My favorite of them all!


Art Doodles

A new friend, Emily, gave me an absolutely wonderful gift!

How did she know me so well?

Before the last crepe party, I browsed through recipes to be inspired. They all looked so good! I think I will be eating crepes for every meal now.

Plus look how cute this card is!

The details of ghosting packages and different colors make this card’s illustration super sweet!

Thank you my dear Emily for making my birthday (and all the meals afterwards) so special!

The rush of skydiving is like the taste bud explosion with a good crepe!