Booties for Bear Cub!

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

A bright bit of thanks from my cousin, Aimee, and her family!

The stamp is one of my favorites received so far. What an exquisite pint sized piece of artwork!

The happy addition to Aimee’s little family came earlier this year. A baby boy! In an effort to find the perfect gift for this little Bear Cub, I came across a tutorial for crocheted Cowboy Booties. (The tutorial is a video instruction that is so simple to follow. Crochet along in real time with the instructor.) I knew that Bear Cub needed a pair of these!

Cute, right? I mean extremely manly for Bear Cub!

Now take a look at this! Bear Cub is a perfect foot model.

Aimee is perfection with a camera in her hand. Bear Cub has the best baby portraits to look back on.

He has a little bit of growing before he can fill these boots. At the moment, I’ll just admire his sweet little feet.

Thank you, Aimee and family, for giving me a place to send all the creations. Otherwise, I would be the crazy cat lady with too many embroidered pillows, crocheted blankets and…cats. XOXOXO

This past June, I was able to make a cross country trip for my cousin Bekki’s wedding. While there I spent a day hanging out with Bear Cub. What a charmer with the ladies!

A little family photo sesh.

There too beautiful of people not to!

(All photos by Brett & Aimee with Love Tree Photography)

How is it that the ladies in my family look so gorgeous and serene after giving birth! It contradicts all I’ve heard about having a baby.

Brett hops in there for one of Bear Cub’s first of many kisses.

All together now!

My favorite of them all!


2 thoughts on “Booties for Bear Cub!

  1. Ahhhh yay!!!! We love you, cousin! We wish we could have more days with you. And the cowboy booties fit quite nicely now 🙂

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