A Kickin’ Good Time!

Art Doodles

It is one of those guilty pleasures when one birthday turns into a two week celebration. I love it when this happens!

The birthday celebrations continued with a down home southern dinner at Kickin’ Boot with Tarah. Great food and even better company!

Tarah and I were able to swap war stories over skydiving. She went years ago and loved it! I think I’ve found my partner in crime for the next big jump.

She surprised me with a bag of goodies for my 25th! All things that make me happy!







Round notecards in a dashing pink color! Yes that is completely a Ginny thing!





They are basically nail stickers! What a great idea! A friend had told me about these before but I had yet to try them. Now I’ve got my very own! If only my nails would stop cracking…




And a fancy nail pen to help me create all the designs I have seen on Pinterest.







My dear girl, thank you very much for making my birthday such a celebration! I enjoyed every moment of it!

I dove straight toward Kickin’ Boot right outta the airplane. Its that good!

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