Creme de la Creme

Art Doodles

Miss Erin is the epitome of “creme de la creme.” She is one of those people that is elegant, graceful, well versed and just gorgeous in every way!

She is known in my little circle of friends for unexpected notes of gratitude, thanks and admiration. She sent me this one recently!

For my birthday, she gave me such a sweet treat of an adorably presented chocolate bar and hand cream. The perfect sized hand cream for a purse, which is really what matters! I’m always the person riding the bus or in the middle of a store when my hands become noticeably drier to me. At that moment, I would scale mountains for a spot of cream to rub into them. Now that problem is solved!

Isn’t her little note with the washi tape adorable?! Her creative abilities are inspiring to me!

Thank my dear one for always making a bright spot in my life and especially on my birthday!

GiGi, the skydiver, made a “smooth” landing on the hand cream!


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