Crazy Bird & Victorious Virginia Fly!

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As I started planning/anticipating my 25th birthday the options for activities were as follows:

Take a trip

       (but where? and with who? and with what money!!!?)

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

       (with who? training? guide?)

Hike/Cross the Capilano Bridge in Canada

       (not BIG enough for a 25th)

Shoot a gun

       (uuuhhhh accomplished this over Labor Day weekend- heck yeah!)

Go on a safari

       (usually they are in Africa which means traveling and we already discussed that in #1 how that was not possible)


       (The winner! But wait a minute, with who?!)

That is where Crazy Bird Dan came into play.

The same person who graciously did a photo shoot for my friend, Brenda, and I was willing to jump out of a plane with me.

“What a guy! What a crazy, wonderful kind of person!”

(White Christmas, circa 1954)

I sent out a feeler for anyone who would be up to jumping out of planes with me. Dan emphatically said yes! People, that’s the kind of person I want jumping out of planes. A wicked excited one!

And that is the story of how Dan and I came to the point of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Thanks, Dan, for making my birthday truly one to remember!

Crazy Bird, what will our next adventure be?

All smiles after we both landed safely on the ground.

P.S. Dan has gorgeous hair that he is growing out to donate to Wigs for Kids!

3 thoughts on “Crazy Bird & Victorious Virginia Fly!

  1. What can I say, they don’t call me crazy for nothing 🙂 I must say, I have always wanted to go skydiving, but didnt know that the chance would be sprung onto me by Virginia. The experience was a blast as I floating my way down to earth. I will definetely go skydiving again. Thanks again Virgina for the invite and the memorable experience.

    PS… beautiful hair willl be donated to Wigs For Kids 🙂

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