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I’ve had my eye on glass terrariums for a year or two now. Especially the kinds that can be suspended with small bits of air plants peeking out of them. Yet for some reason I had never purchased one.

A family tradition is to make wish lists for Christmas and birthdays. While it can be argued that this takes the surprise aspect out of birthday gifts; our family never saw it that way. Instead it takes the guess work and stress out if you really can’t find something that they would enjoy. We’ve found this out more than ever living spread across the country from each other.

This year on my birthday wish list I had:

1. $$ for skydiving – for getting the additional video of the flight/fall 🙂

note: I was on the fence about getting the video for skydiving. If you go skydiving, GET THE VIDEO! Dan talked me into it. Best decision!

2. Brunch at Boat Street Cafe – I have worked next to this restaurant for over a year and half yet still have only sampled a few of their Kitchen items. How is that possible!?
3. Gap T-shirt dress in Tall Medium. 
4. Hanging Terrarium – something like this one, only 1 to start
5. New Sheet Set – I would like a printed set that is not too girly but is bright, cheerful and coordinates with my room.)
           a. DVF Studio™ Palm Sheet Set – I don’t know how much this would coordinate with my room. I just like how cheerful it is!
            b. Marimekko Pieni Unikko Red Sheet Set – What a bright pop of color!
                c. Marimekko Pippurikera Wisteria Sheet Sets – coordinates with room beautifully
So my family received the above list this year. My brother and his family, which really means Melissa, beamed in on #4. She was able to find a company, Hinterland Trading, that provides a gift boxed terrarium with an air plant!
This little beaut now hangs in my room catching the rays that sprinkle in through the window. I see it first thing when I walk into my room. Always happy memories to be thought of.
It is a little hard to see in this picture but it is hanging up to left from the owl. The owl was a gift from a family friend (who is actually Melissa’s dad- so basically family too). He loves to antique and thought this would be perfect for me. I agree!
Thank you my dear family for listening to my little requests!
My Tweedles and I at my 25th “Dive into 25” party.
Yup, there’s skydiver me preparing to jump from my hanging terrarium with my air plant over the Olympic Mountains. NBD. 🙂

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