My Sweet Spot

Inspiration by Mail

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”

~Phyllis Theroux


I enjoy going to the post office.

What?! What kind of person enjoys the post office?



The anticipation of mail in the process of going from one loving hand through the machines and mailmen to another set of loving hands is the magical part of it all. The suspense of the whole process is what makes mail so utterly wonderful! Most good/great/amazing things in life are worth the wait. Mail is one of these.


To create even more sparkle to sending a piece of mail, I found this mailing center in Ballard. The Mailbox.

This place has a warm cozy aesthetic that has traditional ornate mailboxes for locals, a collection of handmade and unique cards, a play area for the kids, and an array of local goods from jewelry to Space Needle pasta. The cheerful workers help to ship out your precious bundles of hand written love while discussing the happenings around the neighborhood. The process becomes so much more of an experience.


My favorite part is if you have already stamped mail you put it into their mailbox!  A cute novelty idea to make this local shop even more homey.

Another bonus is The Mailbox is located right across the street from Larsens Danish Bakery. When my family moved to Seattle in 2000 from RI, we moved right into this neighborhood. To our added enjoyment of the gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains there were yummy goodies too. If you get the chance, mail a letter and try the Cinnamon Custard Twist. I die!!!


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