My Right & Left Hand Ladies

Art Doodles

My birthday celebrations would not have been possible without these two very special ladies, Brittany and Melissa. They are my late night dance partners, early morning laughter and midday check ins. Otherwise known as awesome roommates!!!

Brittany was a complete peach and made my actual birthday one to remember right from the start. She left a handmade card for me by the bathroom sink so I would see it right off. Best way to start off a birthday!

Melissa gave me such a sweet pair of real pearl earrings from her travels last summer. She bought them in a little market (in a very obscure foreign country)! How completely special is that!

And the Tiffany blue box is just icing on top!

Both of these ladies helped me to throw my Dive into 25 birthday party. I literally would not have been able to do it without them. From hanging garland to grocery shopping to keeping calm.

Ladies, you are both extremely amazing!

Brittany does shopping like from the old show “Shop til You Drop”! But of course styling in glitter fabulous cowgirl boots!

And Melissa made me feel like a woman even while skydiving!



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