I Am…

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My dear friend, Erin, is extremely prompt with notes and letters of thanks. And of course they are beyond cute!

Before the Christmas holiday, a note of thanks arrived in my mailbox.

The reason you might ask? I helped to plan and execute her engagement to a wonderful man, David!!!!!!!! The astonishing thing is that I received the thank you note 2 days after she became engaged. Like this woman doesn’t have the Christmas holiday to take care of and now the joy of retelling her engagement story to everyone in sight. She is such an encouragement on avenues of appreciation!

The hardest secrets to keep are the ones that you known will bring extreme joy and happiness to the other’s life. But alas I was able to keep my mouth closed and assist David and Alla (The Second in Command to David).


A roof top proposal over looking The Puget Sound and distant Olympic Mountains.


The soon-to-be engaged, David, in the middle, beaming with joy with his “crew” moments before Erin arrived at the scene. Such a fun moment to be a part of!

I have recently been ogling the windows of Kate Spade with the bright colors and gold accents. Ya just can’t help but to smile when a pop of color catches your eye and twinkles your senses.

 This note from Erin was no different. A crisp thick card stock with neon pink script writing and stark black checks next to the exploits of thanks. Not to mention the “wrapping.” A goldenrod yellow envelope with gold and white striped insert. Oh joy!!!!

20130103_223448Now how completely perfect is it that Erin’s note is Kate Spade!!!!

Thank you, Soon-To-Be MRS, for a bright spot in my mailbox!


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