A Pretty Woman Moment

Art Doodles

Have you ever been shopping with your best friend?

Of course you have!

They are the ones that can truly tell you if an item looks good or not without hurting your feelings. They are invaluable.

I met Julie at Nordstrom’s in the the shoe salon. May I be so forward to say we were best friends right away? She understood my shoe needs from the get go. Yes, needs.

Julie also helped me to appreciate being pampered by The Man. She made it such a relaxing experience and enjoyable too!

Thank you, Julie, for helping to create my Pretty Woman moment!

(If your looking for a little shoe advice go to Nordstrom Shoe Salon in Bellevue and ask for Julie. You won’t regret it!)

20130130_085046These are the absolutely beautiful booties that The Man bought for me. I secretly try them on at home while folding laundry and doing odd tasks just because they are so wonderful! Uhhh… guess the secrets out now!

20130130_094142Ta daaaaaaa! The Booties! They need no words.


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