A Writin and A Mailin

Art Doodles

Today is dedicated to catching up with friends and family through snail mail.


Of course I need my little sidekick Thursday Girl to help me write all those newsy letters. I feel like I have a mini me. She is happiest with a pen and paper in her hands.


Here we go! Off to The Mailbox to post them!


And of course their inset mailbox brings a cheery smile to my face.

Send an old fashioned letter yourself today!


From Thursday Girl and I, have a spectacular day! We’re off to Macy’s!


A Surprise Sprinkle

Art Doodles

I co-planned a shower for a beautiful mother-to-be, Christina, with my friend Kristy.

Yet Christina brought us gifts!

Imagine my confusion when she walked in the door carrying prettily wrapped packages. The sarcasm (with a smile) oozed out of my mouth as I said, “What, did you bring presents for yourself to your own baby shower?”

Then she promptly bestowed the gifts upon me and my comrade. This act immediately stopped the sarcastic flow and replaced it with a wide open grin, huge side hug (Babe Bee Bop was blocking the full two arm hug by this point) and an exclamation of surprise.

Oh what unexpected joy!

20130124_065403Now here comes the super spectacular part. I had told a couple people in life, mainly family, that I wanted to revamp my makeup routine. But I’m pretty sure that I never told Christina and yet she gifted me with the perfect compact mirror for applying lipstick and a gift card to Sephora!

My dear Christina, thank you for showing such appreciation in a time when you are to be showered.

20130214_140132These are all the goodies I was able to pick out with the help of Maureen and Christina’s gift. I feel like a new woman!



For Freedom!

Inspiration by Mail

Completely disappointed with the post office today.

I went to buy new lovely artistic gems of stamps…

and was not impressed with the selection of Go Green, Toy Story, Presidents, Purple Hearts and the Flag.

I chose the Flag out of necessity.

flag stamp

When I voiced which type I wanted to the postman, I said, “I’ll take the Liberty and Freedom please.” In the 25 and half seconds after I said those words I realized how extremely blessed I am to live in a country that I can say Freedom and Liberty are mine. No one can take those away.

I am an American!

In the search of something pretty today, I found instead my firm ground of patriotic pride. Now that is something to be thankful for!

A different kind of painting

Art Doodles

I’m a girlie girl but for some reason have a slight problem when it comes to make up.

I have a great history with sparkle, glitter, shimmer and color… in shoes, clothes and jewelry.


Nope wasn’t happening.

So I had to call in the expert.


Bonjour Maureen!

Maureen is the delightful one on the left with her best friend and my friend, Julia. This is from the most recent Crepe Party photo booth. Wi wi!!!

She graciously took me under her wing of sparkle, glitter, shimmer and color! Oh how grateful I am. Maureen is well equipped with knowledge of all things cosmetics. She was able to help me see what colors worked best, how to apply them and also what products would fit into my category of organic/all natural.

To the dearest, Maureen, thank you for making me feel like a girl again!

20130214_135308Now I have all my different pots of colors to play with every day.

FYI- Great Organic/All Natural Cosmetic Brands:

Dr. Hauschka, Josie Maran, Jane Iredale, Zuzu Luxe

Hooked on Each Other

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My younger cousin got happily hitched last June! I was able to fly out from the West Coast to celebrate her nuptials in the great state of Connecticut.

bekki & jayWhat a wonderfully sweet couple!

A few snapshots from the wedding

Gin and dress

Doing what I can to help out the bride. 🙂

gin dancingMy family is REALLY into dancing. And so am I!

I have a tradition that for every person who happily gets hitched in my family receives a hand crocheted blanket.

This one is number is #4


Bekki oh so sweetly is modeling it for me!

And this the great Thank You card I received from new couple.

20130214_131732It warms my heart to see that this card is signed by them both. Three cheers for new family!

Love Bugs!

Art Doodles

My adorable roommate surprised me (and my roommate) this morning with Valentine’s socks!




Lady Bugs!

Warm Snuggly Socks!



Thank you my dearest Brittany for my making this rainy dreary Valentine’s Day so extremely wonderful!

20130214_102459Heart wall paper is appropriate for this love bug of a roommate!

(If I could use your secret name on the inter webs, Brittany, I would!!!!)


Art Doodles

Oh what a joy to be greeted by a smiling face and Godiva chocolate early in the morning!


Only the best from Thursday Girl! Chocolate-y goodness with a bright red bow and flower pin.

20130214_102132And this is me on a Thursday morning with no makeup… but my flower pin is beautiful and makes me smile every glimpse I get.

And Thursday Girl’s Grandpa sent her a big box of candy.

Guess who gets to eat it?

20130214_082349It’s a pretty good morning with a little cup of joe and heart shaped pretzels.

Thank you my wonderful Thursday Girl for making my day extremely sweet on this Valentine’s Day!


Little one is sending lots of love your way today too!

Tchaikovsky Love

Art Doodles

Please listen to this diddy while reading.

My mom first exposed me to the ballet, The Nutcracker, when I was a little girl. Ever since then it feels most like Christmas when I am in the audience of a performance watching the twinkling toes and graceful arms of ballerinas.

This past year, The Man surprised me with tickets to The Nutcracker. Wonderful!

His mom followed through with the theme and gave me these dainty little ballerina slippers to place on the Christmas tree. Such a thoughtful gift that means so much.

20130129_215429The little girl inside of me smiles with glee when looking at these.

Thank you, Gretchen, ever so much for making my Christmas season such a special time!

20130130_085120A little ballerina pirouette from Miss Thank You.

House Full of Thanks

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

In December, I went to a housewarming party for a dear friend. She and her husband had bought their first home. What an exciting first in life!

The chose a cozy home that has lots of charm. Along with a view off of their deck!

As a housewarming gift, The Man and I brought a basket of goodies that complement a new home. Chocolate, Bread, Cheese, and wine.

I had originally seen this basket of goodies idea on Pinterest. Of course. I have no original thoughts anymore. This woman in her blog provides a reason for every item in the basket. I really like being able to give a gift that can be used.

Tarah, every so on top of things, sent a thank you card soon after the party.

20130130_102153The card is whimsical and pretty in its uniquely different fonts, string and details. One of my favorite parts is the stamp. The image of the little mailman carrying his sack of mail with a smile on his face is extremely joyful to me. It really is the small things in life that add up to be the big stuff.