House Full of Thanks

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

In December, I went to a housewarming party for a dear friend. She and her husband had bought their first home. What an exciting first in life!

The chose a cozy home that has lots of charm. Along with a view off of their deck!

As a housewarming gift, The Man and I brought a basket of goodies that complement a new home. Chocolate, Bread, Cheese, and wine.

I had originally seen this basket of goodies idea on Pinterest. Of course. I have no original thoughts anymore. This woman in her blog provides a reason for every item in the basket. I really like being able to give a gift that can be used.

Tarah, every so on top of things, sent a thank you card soon after the party.

20130130_102153The card is whimsical and pretty in its uniquely different fonts, string and details. One of my favorite parts is the stamp. The image of the little mailman carrying his sack of mail with a smile on his face is extremely joyful to me. It really is the small things in life that add up to be the big stuff.



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