A Surprise Sprinkle

Art Doodles

I co-planned a shower for a beautiful mother-to-be, Christina, with my friend Kristy.

Yet Christina brought us gifts!

Imagine my confusion when she walked in the door carrying prettily wrapped packages. The sarcasm (with a smile) oozed out of my mouth as I said, “What, did you bring presents for yourself to your own baby shower?”

Then she promptly bestowed the gifts upon me and my comrade. This act immediately stopped the sarcastic flow and replaced it with a wide open grin, huge side hug (Babe Bee Bop was blocking the full two arm hug by this point) and an exclamation of surprise.

Oh what unexpected joy!

20130124_065403Now here comes the super spectacular part. I had told a couple people in life, mainly family, that I wanted to revamp my makeup routine. But I’m pretty sure that I never told Christina and yet she gifted me with the perfect compact mirror for applying lipstick and a gift card to Sephora!

My dear Christina, thank you for showing such appreciation in a time when you are to be showered.

20130214_140132These are all the goodies I was able to pick out with the help of Maureen and Christina’s gift. I feel like a new woman!




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