Golden State Gifts

Art Doodles

A friend went to Cali and brought me back some classic Ginny goodies!

Isn’t that the best?

Classic Item #1

beretA gray beret!

Classic Item #2

venice beachArt! This is a wood cut out of Venice Beach, CA.

A look at what its like to be an Honorary Roommate in the Florentia house.

amanda and gin

Roommate, Roommate/Photographer, Honorary Roommate, Me

This is the from the latest crêpe party that was hosted last weekend. Photo Booth- Check!

To show my gratitude for the thought…

amanda thank you

Gotta a new hat to wear! Yeah!


Narwhal of a Good Time!

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My good friend, Christina, had a baby!

Bee Bop

Bee Bop A Ree Bop is what I call her. In short, Bee Bop. This is a snapshot from one of our church groups. She gave me an endearing smile.

The rest of the world calls her Ellie. (I’m partial to this name as well since my first niece is an Ellie.)

Well, back before Bee Bop made her entrance into the world, Kristy and I decided to throw Christina and baby girl a shower to celebrate them both!

This is what came about through a few discussions with Christina, the inspiration of the sea and the love of friendship.




20130120_172936Kristy, Christina, Bee Bop and myself.

One of Kristy’s great ideas was to have addressed envelopes from all the guests to help ease the process of thank you card writing. I took it one step farther and created a narwhal inspired card to go along. Since Christina liked the theme of the sea, book pages, bunting and and little pops of pink, I took inspiration and went with it.


The best part is I received one from her! It is a rare moment when I am given one of my own creations. Adding a truly Christina touch, she underlined funny, applicable or weird words on the book page envelopes. Love it!

My dearest Christina, thank you for saying thanks!