Good Reminders

Inspiration by Mail

I enjoy finding little items that are postal inspired or remind me to be thankful for all that has been given me. Here are some items and phrases that caught my eye on Pinterest.

post_pouch redThe first is this Post Pouch from MochiThings. The red is my favorite but the brown reminds me of a bag that my Grandpa or Grandma Bee had. I’m a sucka for mail and for things for mail to go into. I may just start a garden full of mailboxes instead of flowers!

 thankful 2  and thankful 1

The same saying but two different ways. Serious and playful.

gratitude journal

Gratitude: A Journal

For the periods in life when you need to sit down every day and come up with something. Believe me, finding something every day is easy when your in practice.

This blog has become my journal of sorts. I may not post every day or month! but I am constantly thinking of who I should say thank you too. Turns out the bagger at the grocery store, a happy posy, the man singing on the bus or the baby toes of friends child happen across my brain as moments of thankfulness.

thankful notes

Thankfulness Notes from hellobee

These little notes are a way to be reminded daily of the things big and small that we are thankful for. No need to wait for a Thankfulness tree once a year but spread this cheer all year long!

A plus for the day! The notes can be downloaded and printed for free. Go to the link above and start this summer with a little bit of thankfulness.

xoxo Miss Thank You


Bonded by Wine & Paint

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I’ve received two of these flowery little thank you cards from my friend Krissy. Such elegant pieces of prettiness.


1. For a birthday gift of homemade lavender sachets and bird glass charms. Krissy is a delightful host who has such wonderful spreads of cheese and wine for our friends. Love it!

2. The repainting of her old apartment that I helped her paint at the beginning. What a weird deja vu! We had a great time catching up and drinking lots of coffee very early in the morning.

Onward to new adventures, my dear! Thanks for the thanks!

Foreign Finds & Friends

Art Doodles

By now, I think you might all know that I LOVE receiving mail.

Any form will do.

Sans bills. Of course.

A dear friend, Marie, knows this well. She sent me treats and trinkets galore while on her European excursion.

Lots and lots of delicious chocolate from the finest of chocolatiers abroad.

I ate them all up!

Treats, treats from a sweet!

Marie 1A portrait of the lady abroad soaking in the scenery.

Thank you, my fellow adventurer, for the delightful surprise.

imageYou can see my from goodness-covered-face that I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate!

Marie and I met while she was interning at Canlis Glass where I work. J.P.’s ocean inspired swells are featured in the background.

And much congratulations to Marie for graduating from college this year! Whoop whoop! Now the real world, my girl…ugh…

Small Print:

I am so extremely late on this Thank You that it is dreadfully shameful. I’m sorry my dear!


Bee-utiful Stories

Art Doodles

You know, sometimes in life, presents come early, unexpected and delightful!

I received this gift in the mail from my dear Grandma Lucia. Or as her grand kids call her, Grandma Bee. What is the gift you ask?

The Once Upon A Time Season 1 TV series!



My roommate, Rachel, implored me to watch this series last year but I never got around to it. She told me I would get hooked. I believed her so I never started it!

Well lucky me, I got sick last week. With a day home from work, boredom set in at 10:30am. Thankfully, I looked from my haven of blankets, pillows and crumpled tissues to my new gift on my desk. I’m saved from a restless day of bed-lying trying to heal by body. Instead, I set up camp in the living room! (I’m sure my roommates appreciated that when they returned from their out and about day.)

Lets just say there are 4 discs of episodes… 6 days later, no more free no-work days and back to regular life… I am now on disc 4 with only 3 episodes left until the end of Season 1. I knew I would get hooked!

To sum it up for you, there is fairy tale land and “real life” parts to each episodes. Every episode tells a different fairy tale that coincides with characters that live in the real life Storybrooke town. Its absolutely delicious! A little old school romance tale and mystery in every episodes. I will say it does play to my corny side- which I am completely okay with!

And being the ever great boyfriend, I received hand-delivered chicken pho. (Pronounced fa. I always forget that! It looks like fo not fa! Phonics is not helping me right now.) Thanks Babe!

imageChopsticks are definitely necessary. Doesn’t taste the same without it.

Thank you, my Grandma Bee, for curing my cold with fairy tale stories and a much needed day on the couch.

imageGrandma Bee always close by (whether by mail, phone or flight).



Foody, Fun and Fifty

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My mom turned Fifty! Say what!!!

She is an incredible woman who teaches me continually in all areas of life. To celebrate her half a century of extreme awesomeness, my family and I threw her a surprise filled 4 days of fun and food.

A picture montage to tell it all.

image image image 303043_10151664824557526_1548563046_n 935733_10151664824972526_662485295_n 262576_10151664826012526_1709198949_n 945959_10151664826467526_417156341_n 247123_10151664826567526_412690687_n image image image 486694_10151664834987526_22761387_n 943428_10151664834967526_2127122133_n 946808_10151664835212526_200854527_n 577678_10151664835487526_1885456809_n image 941884_10151664837492526_1126392577_n 320836_10151664837697526_1614648184_n

Pomegranate Bistro, Toulouse Petit, Nordstrom Personal Shopper Department, Family Dinners, Gene Juarez Spa in Bellevue, Woodinville Lavender Farm, Chateau St. Michelle, Black Bottle, Surprise Birthday Party

My momma sent me a hand written thank you to show her appreciation for all the details that went into planning the weekend.


Thank you, my Toots, for letting me be your daughter and writing me notes all the time. Much Love!

A Ruff Weekend

Art Doodles

imageThis is my bud, Jackson.

I snuggled with him for a weekend.

We had a ball of a good time.

His parents were away.

They gave me gifts galore in thanks.

Lotion, lip gloss, candle and Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Passion.

My love of the lipstain started with these lovely ladies.

And now it continues in pink.

Many thanks for the inspiration to brighten life with a little bit of passion.

To salute the gentleman who started this little love fest, a portrait.

Thank you O’Malleys!


A few snapshots from the “ruff” weekend. His parents are photographers so I assume he is used to posing.

image image image

Aunt Adoration

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I really enjoy being Auntie Gin. Enormously! I have 7 nieces and nephews who I feel privileged to be called an Aunt (awwwnt, not ant) by.

The first sent me a handmade Thank You postcard. Oh what sweet joy to see appreciation through the eyes of an 8 year old.



I will send clothes, books, games, trinkets… whatever it takes to receive little joys like this. Love you my Ellie Girl!


Aisle Assistance

Art Doodles

There are so many thank yous to be said to this person; I hardly know where to start.

I’ll start with the very beginning. (I had a throwback moment to Sound of Music…now the song is playing in my head… do re mi!)

Erin got married!!!! To David!!!!

I helped with the day to give her some peace of mind and let my Type A personality have full reign. Here we are celebrating!


To say thank you, the Mr + Mrs gave me a gift certificate to Book Bindery. Wahoooo!!!!

I have been wanting to try this restaurant for over a year and half. I first heard of it from the mother of the chef, Blaine Wetzel, at Lummi Island’s, The Willows Inn. (This is another wish restaurant/trip.) She raved about it from the unique but very palatable state of the dishes. The mouth watering qualities and scenic quaint space. The mix of crown molding, old paintings, steel, chrome and leather sets a relaxing tone. Oh such a delight!

The bride also gave me a little gift the night before the wedding, a Voluspa Baltic Amber candle. Aaahhh the sweet earthy smell of love.


Also the bride realized that she her and new groom wouldn’t be able to use her single cup Keurig anymore. She knew of my love/need for a morning cup of coffee. Her decision to pass it on has been my morning joy! Over and over again.


This lady, in a time of stressful and eventful wedding planning, took the time to tell me how much she appreciated me. Amazing!


To my wonderful friend, The Mrs, and her man, The Mr, Thank You!!!

imageHere we are pictured with the bouquet and my emergency kit. Thank goodness I never had to actually use anything in it. To a day well planned and a marriage for forever!