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There are so many thank yous to be said to this person; I hardly know where to start.

I’ll start with the very beginning. (I had a throwback moment to Sound of Music…now the song is playing in my head… do re mi!)

Erin got married!!!! To David!!!!

I helped with the day to give her some peace of mind and let my Type A personality have full reign. Here we are celebrating!


To say thank you, the Mr + Mrs gave me a gift certificate to Book Bindery. Wahoooo!!!!

I have been wanting to try this restaurant for over a year and half. I first heard of it from the mother of the chef, Blaine Wetzel, at Lummi Island’s, The Willows Inn. (This is another wish restaurant/trip.) She raved about it from the unique but very palatable state of the dishes. The mouth watering qualities and scenic quaint space. The mix of crown molding, old paintings, steel, chrome and leather sets a relaxing tone. Oh such a delight!

The bride also gave me a little gift the night before the wedding, a Voluspa Baltic Amber candle. Aaahhh the sweet earthy smell of love.


Also the bride realized that she her and new groom wouldn’t be able to use her single cup Keurig anymore. She knew of my love/need for a morning cup of coffee. Her decision to pass it on has been my morning joy! Over and over again.


This lady, in a time of stressful and eventful wedding planning, took the time to tell me how much she appreciated me. Amazing!


To my wonderful friend, The Mrs, and her man, The Mr, Thank You!!!

imageHere we are pictured with the bouquet and my emergency kit. Thank goodness I never had to actually use anything in it. To a day well planned and a marriage for forever!


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