Foody, Fun and Fifty

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My mom turned Fifty! Say what!!!

She is an incredible woman who teaches me continually in all areas of life. To celebrate her half a century of extreme awesomeness, my family and I threw her a surprise filled 4 days of fun and food.

A picture montage to tell it all.

image image image 303043_10151664824557526_1548563046_n 935733_10151664824972526_662485295_n 262576_10151664826012526_1709198949_n 945959_10151664826467526_417156341_n 247123_10151664826567526_412690687_n image image image 486694_10151664834987526_22761387_n 943428_10151664834967526_2127122133_n 946808_10151664835212526_200854527_n 577678_10151664835487526_1885456809_n image 941884_10151664837492526_1126392577_n 320836_10151664837697526_1614648184_n

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My momma sent me a hand written thank you to show her appreciation for all the details that went into planning the weekend.


Thank you, my Toots, for letting me be your daughter and writing me notes all the time. Much Love!


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