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You know, sometimes in life, presents come early, unexpected and delightful!

I received this gift in the mail from my dear Grandma Lucia. Or as her grand kids call her, Grandma Bee. What is the gift you ask?

The Once Upon A Time Season 1 TV series!



My roommate, Rachel, implored me to watch this series last year but I never got around to it. She told me I would get hooked. I believed her so I never started it!

Well lucky me, I got sick last week. With a day home from work, boredom set in at 10:30am. Thankfully, I looked from my haven of blankets, pillows and crumpled tissues to my new gift on my desk. I’m saved from a restless day of bed-lying trying to heal by body. Instead, I set up camp in the living room! (I’m sure my roommates appreciated that when they returned from their out and about day.)

Lets just say there are 4 discs of episodes… 6 days later, no more free no-work days and back to regular life… I am now on disc 4 with only 3 episodes left until the end of Season 1. I knew I would get hooked!

To sum it up for you, there is fairy tale land and “real life” parts to each episodes. Every episode tells a different fairy tale that coincides with characters that live in the real life Storybrooke town. Its absolutely delicious! A little old school romance tale and mystery in every episodes. I will say it does play to my corny side- which I am completely okay with!

And being the ever great boyfriend, I received hand-delivered chicken pho. (Pronounced fa. I always forget that! It looks like fo not fa! Phonics is not helping me right now.) Thanks Babe!

imageChopsticks are definitely necessary. Doesn’t taste the same without it.

Thank you, my Grandma Bee, for curing my cold with fairy tale stories and a much needed day on the couch.

imageGrandma Bee always close by (whether by mail, phone or flight).




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