Foreign Finds & Friends

Art Doodles

By now, I think you might all know that I LOVE receiving mail.

Any form will do.

Sans bills. Of course.

A dear friend, Marie, knows this well. She sent me treats and trinkets galore while on her European excursion.

Lots and lots of delicious chocolate from the finest of chocolatiers abroad.

I ate them all up!

Treats, treats from a sweet!

Marie 1A portrait of the lady abroad soaking in the scenery.

Thank you, my fellow adventurer, for the delightful surprise.

imageYou can see my from goodness-covered-face that I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate!

Marie and I met while she was interning at Canlis Glass where I work. J.P.’s ocean inspired swells are featured in the background.

And much congratulations to Marie for graduating from college this year! Whoop whoop! Now the real world, my girl…ugh…

Small Print:

I am so extremely late on this Thank You that it is dreadfully shameful. I’m sorry my dear!


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