Good Reminders

Inspiration by Mail

I enjoy finding little items that are postal inspired or remind me to be thankful for all that has been given me. Here are some items and phrases that caught my eye on Pinterest.

post_pouch redThe first is this Post Pouch from MochiThings. The red is my favorite but the brown reminds me of a bag that my Grandpa or Grandma Bee had. I’m a sucka for mail and for things for mail to go into. I may just start a garden full of mailboxes instead of flowers!

 thankful 2  and thankful 1

The same saying but two different ways. Serious and playful.

gratitude journal

Gratitude: A Journal

For the periods in life when you need to sit down every day and come up with something. Believe me, finding something every day is easy when your in practice.

This blog has become my journal of sorts. I may not post every day or month! but I am constantly thinking of who I should say thank you too. Turns out the bagger at the grocery store, a happy posy, the man singing on the bus or the baby toes of friends child happen across my brain as moments of thankfulness.

thankful notes

Thankfulness Notes from hellobee

These little notes are a way to be reminded daily of the things big and small that we are thankful for. No need to wait for a Thankfulness tree once a year but spread this cheer all year long!

A plus for the day! The notes can be downloaded and printed for free. Go to the link above and start this summer with a little bit of thankfulness.

xoxo Miss Thank You


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