Come and Get Your…

Art Doodles

Hot Ladies Cakes!

These two ladies came to Hot Cakes for my birthday. I was thrilled to see their beaming faces!

You see, for a brief time Melissa and I lived together. Then honorary roommate, Amanda, lived with Sara who then became a part of our weekly girl time. And we all became great friends! Oh the days of girl time 24/7. Now The Man is the one who has to deal with me dancing around the house, giggle fits, and girly TV.

Ladies, you made my night! Thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday with chocolate and lots of girl time!

photo 2 (8)

The girlies and I savoring our sweet treats.

The last day of pen ink instead of India ink. Glad to go home to my paintbrushes and scanner! 😉


Girl’s Day Out

Art Doodles

For two years running, one of my great friends has given me a “Girl Date” as a birthday present. She met me two years ago just before my birthday and thought this would be great way to celebrate a new friendship. I agree! She has been wrapping a bow on a friend date ever since. This year is no different.  Whether its coffee, thrift shopping, Nordstrom or just girl talk, we always leave refreshed from each other’s presence. Can’t wait to see what we do this year!

Thank you Maggie!

photo 1 (8)

We’re at it again! Of course Maggie with her fabulous hair!

Still not loving using a pen instead of ink. But loving the beautiful views of Kauai and the sun!

A Mani Good Time

Art Doodles

A couple of days before my birthday, my accident klutz prone self incurred a wicked leash burn on the back of my knees. There goes the man’s plan of a spa day with a body scrub… ouch!

Plan B, manicures with a girlfriend.

Nadya’s spontaneity to join in on some girly time was great! Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Thank you, Nadya, for rescuing my cuticles and nails in a time of need!

photo 2 (7)

This is supposed to be the long lost picture of Nadya and I on that day that we really didn’t take. So this is where you can tell ink is not my most skilled medium.

photo 4 (5)

I like this sketch version of my hand much better but somehow I made Nadia and I look like Neanderthals. Oops! Back to the drawing board to work on my fast sketches with ink.


Paper Stash

Art Doodles

I received a special package for birthday from the sunny state of Florida. One of my best friends, Angie, sent a beautiful card case filled with Rifle Paper Co. goodies. She hand picked greeting cards and a classic Vogue like notebook just for me.


This sweet French inspired card is my favorite. I love the expression on her face.


I have a great love of all paper goods but ironically can’t keep them in the house. I am always running out last minute to get a card for a special occasion. Now that my collection has a good start and a pretty box, I’m going to try to keep it well stocked with papery jewels.

To a member of VAM, you know me well! Thank you for these beauties!

photo 1 (7)

I’ve already started handing these little ones out to friends and family. Almost too pretty to send. I think if I was to become a hoarder it would be of stamps, greeting cards, gift wrap, note pads…..

Since the man and I are on our one year anniversary trip, I left the India ink and paintbrush at home. In its place, my favorite pen: Pilot P-500 extra fine. We’ll see how the week progresses. So far I’m missing the ink and fluid paintbrush.

A Year of Thanks

Art Doodles

My man and I have been married for one year!!!


A year after our wedding day, we are so extremely grateful for the people who made that day memorable. To show our gratitude we sent out a note of thanks to let them all know we still appreciate their efforts.



I love when stamps coordinate with the artwork at hand.

To everyone who made the start to our happily ever after a day to remember! A toast to you!


Thank you!


Rottenly Spoiled By Love

Art Doodles

My husband (Eeeeek! I still can’t believe I get to call him that!), enjoys giving gifts! Whether it be my favorite peanut butter chocolate bar or a new pair heels, I believe he receives equal enjoyment from giving each.

Birthdays and Christmas are his moment to shine with surprises. He is so cute about it all! He gets excited about each surprise and present.

This year he did not disappoint! He surprised me with different people, events and gifts. Highlights: Blind Pig Bistro, Kinky Boots, and Spa Time.


One of his birthday gifts is perfect for a plane ride to paradise. I traveled in comfortable style with the Blackmilk burned velvet maxi.

My man, I am thankful for you all the days of my life!


Doxie 0314

My own personal giant is the best birthday gift ever!

Moorea Seal Joys

Art Doodles

My sister and girls flew up from California to help celebrate my birthday this year. Quite the surprise! And of course it takes my sister coming to my city to show me this new store, Moorea Seal. We have pinned many times over the sweet doodads and modern touches that are their hallmarks. And to think they just opened a store near me. This could go wrong very fast.

IMG_6574My sister knows my love of creating. She found these gold gilded crane scissors to help with my embroidery or lighter fair projects. I’m so excited to plan a project just so I can use them.


All with the scissors, she gifted these perfect-for-me notecards. I immediately fell in love with the easel drawing at the top. Then I saw the blank line to depict who the artist is. What perfection!

Thank you my sister and Tweedles for the sweet treats for my creative soul!

Doxie 0311Already at work with some sort of embroidery project using the fancy scissors!



Engrained Art

Art Doodles

For a little while now, I’ve been on the hunt for the just the right letter opener. The act of using a tool to slit open a letter perfectly with a crisp turn of the wrist is elegance refined. I was huntin’ and couldn’t find one I liked.

My brother got wind of my wish list item of a letter opener. He artfully fashioned one himself out of a beautiful piece of wood. Talented, for sure.

IMG_6573 The magical way these burls were formed in the wood to create such swirls and dips. Reminds of me a childhood movie, Fern Gully, with the all the trees to be saved.

Thank you Zach, Miss and Tweedles for the daily reminder of great family love!

Doxie 0301

I don’t actually bring the letter opener to the mailbox. I have just enough self control to open the mail inside my house. But just enough…

Typed Appreciation

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I’ve had a great appreciation for typewriters since I was a little girl. My grandma used to use one as her main correspondence method. When visiting her house you could hear the slight purr of the electromechanical typewriter and then the tap tap tap of the keys as she started to write.

Then when I was about 14 a wonderful family friend found an old typewriter for me to use. I enjoyed the feel of the silky keys under my fingers and the decisive tap of the letterpress striking the paper through the ribbon. I had to give it up after a couple of years because of long distance moves (it was really heavy!), along with the ribbon ran out. I searched high and low but couldn’t find the correct replacement. I guess the age old tail of “Out with the old, and in with the new” was the demise of my trusty typewriter.

I recently received a Thank You card that took me back to the days listening to my grandma type and the smell of the inky ribbons.


Erin, soon-to-be-Mrs., has great taste which extends to her paper goods! This lil’ beaut now graces the refrigerator door giving me pings of pleasure every time I glance at it.

I couldn’t find the link to the notecard above but I found this one and this one. I think I just found additions to my Christmas wish list!