Auntie Express

Inspiration by Mail

I LOVE being an Aunt.

(pronounced Awwwnt for all you West Coasters)

Last Sunday, I had promised one of my Tweedles a piece of gum for doing a fist bump blow out with me.

Yup, I bribe. No shame.

Tragedy of all tragedies, I forgot to give it to her! I received a call later that night at her bedtime with a little girl in tears. How could I have done that to her!?

I promised her I would send some gum in the mail with a special card. Tears alleviated at the thought of special little girl mail.

Since I had to jazz up the card all perty like with an envelope seal; the postage was going to be outrageous!

Answer: Auntie Express Mail- hand delivered


Personalized Tweedle stamp blowing bubble gum.

IMG_6591The culprit. I still have an affinity toward envelope seals thanks to Pride & Prejudice.


Auntie Express Mail with a piece of grown up gum for each Tweedle.



2 thoughts on “Auntie Express

  1. You are an absolutely awesome Aunt!! I like how you explained “Awwwnt” from those not familiar with Rhode Islandese. Thinking of you kiddo!! The tweedles are sooooo lucky to have YOU as their Awwwnt!!! Love you!! oxoxoxox

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