Moorea Seal Joys

Art Doodles

My sister and girls flew up from California to help celebrate my birthday this year. Quite the surprise! And of course it takes my sister coming to my city to show me this new store, Moorea Seal. We have pinned many times over the sweet doodads and modern touches that are their hallmarks. And to think they just opened a store near me. This could go wrong very fast.

IMG_6574My sister knows my love of creating. She found these gold gilded crane scissors to help with my embroidery or lighter fair projects. I’m so excited to plan a project just so I can use them.


All with the scissors, she gifted these perfect-for-me notecards. I immediately fell in love with the easel drawing at the top. Then I saw the blank line to depict who the artist is. What perfection!

Thank you my sister and Tweedles for the sweet treats for my creative soul!

Doxie 0311Already at work with some sort of embroidery project using the fancy scissors!




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