The Best Time of the Year

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

The time has arrived for big turkey dinners, mounds of mashed potatoes, Starbucks red cups, Christmas music and family! The greatest of these, Family.

What better way to start off the week of ultimate Thanksgiving then with a Thank You from one of my Tweedles. The gift of Transformers produced this precious note. The simple things in life are the ones worth holding on to.  This goes in the vault.


Nothing is more dear than a handwritten note from the littlest of hands.



Thoughtfully Crafted

Art Doodles

My sister-in-law created glass jewelry boxes for the women in her family as beautiful thank you gifts for helping out with her wedding. Such a thoughtful and gorgeous reminder of her love and appreciation.


Her handcrafted beauty held a glistening pair of earrings as well!


Thank you Becky for including me in such a beautiful moment!

Doxie 0339

Sitting pretty with my new earrings and jewelry box.

Pump It Upppppppp!

Art Doodles

I really dislike when house, car or dog matters happen on my watch. For instance, when I lost Manny at the dog park for 35 minutes. Or, as in recent events, a tire goes flat. I suddenly feel immense guilt that I did something wrong. As if I would purposely drive over a nail so that it would puncture the tire twice!

Thankfully, The Man signed up for tire insurance with Discount Tire Store and the tire was replaced for free!!! When they said, “Oh yeah we’ll get that replaced for you in no time at no cost,” I was floored. They apologized for a 45 minute wait time while I jumped for joy! I was able to grab a cup of coffee (Starbucks red cups are here!) and read my book. Sounds like a good morning to me.

Thank you Discount Tire Store for being pretty freakin awesome!

Doxie 0337Twirling with delight on a pile of free tires!

Back to the Land of “S”

Art Doodles

While Hawaii was great. I mean freaking amazing!!! I’m glad to be back to all things Seattle. Space Needle, Starbucks, Sleepless in Seattle (perfect movie to watch on a cold day) and crossed fingers…snow! The temperatures have dropped here in the PNW and it has me dreaming of a winter wonderland.

A little song to help you get in the snowy mood too!

Thank you to my Daddi-O for picking The Man and I up from the airport. We super appreciate it!

Doxie 0348

There is nothing like driving into the city and seeing the Space Needle beaming up to the sky.

Playing House

Art Doodles

We have been so blessed by different friends and family willing to help take care of things while we take a moment to celebrate our wedded bliss.

One of those star members was Lo! She graciously held down the fort and gave lots of love to our puppy dog, Manny. It gave us such peace of mind that she was there when the power went out do to high winds. Doesn’t that always happen when you’re away from the house?!

For the first time in my life, I felt like the overbearing parent when writing down of list of “Manny” things. I’ve house/dog sat and baby sat for a could portion of my high school/college/post college life. I know the drill on when taking care of someone else’s beloved items whether that be human, almost human or objects. As I got to the bottom of my list of notes, instructions and good-to-know items, I realized how parent-like I sounded. I immediately signed off the letter with, “I feel like an over controlling mom! Really, as long as he is fed and let out to pee we’re happy”.

I then sent the email off and prayed for peace, wisdom and trust when it comes to actually having kids. How the fur ball has changed my life. And I thought becoming a wife was going to be the biggest adjustment!

Manny Montage

IMG_5898     IMG_5501    IMG_2274

Our first vacation as a family of 3.

Manny’s intense concentration at the dog park. Happens to also be the day I lost him for 35 minutes. I’m still working on the “mom” thing.

He may not look like he loves hugs…and he probably doesn’t… but sometimes everyone needs a hug!

Thank you my dear Lo for dealing with my premature parent qualities and taking care of everything!

Doxie 0331

Manny would like to give Lo his own Thank You flower stem. He really is quick the charmer with the ladies.

Neighbors to the Rescue!

Art Doodles

I think the moments I enjoy best being a homeowner is that we get to meet our neighbors. Knowing that I am not temporarily renting a place where I may only stay for a year or two years is really refreshing. I like that our neighborhood has people who are original owners of their homes and have great grandchildren now! Such history in one area!

I asked a friend (and neighbor) to do a quick drive-by bathroom break for Manny while we were away on vacation. Even though she has three children in school, various sports and clubs she agreed to let the little guy out. The fact that I can feel incredibly safe and comfortable handing over the keys to someone in my neighborhood is such a blessing!!!


A snapshot of Manny chillin with me today. He really is a calm puppy dog and a delightful conversationalist.

Thank you very much, Lissa, for taking time to let Manny do business and play with him. Truly appreciate it! Now have a glass of wine to celebrate, hehe.

Doxie 0335

Our dog, Manny is the first to greet anyone at our door, or the driveway, or the sidewalk, or the squirrel in the backyard. He takes his welcoming job very seriously. Some could say he has made a career out of it.

The Getaway Car

Art Doodles

My mother-in-law (mom²) graciously volunteered to drive The Man and I to the airport for the beginning of our Hawaiian getaway. She did this before hearing what time our flight was… 🙂 I had purposely chosen the earliest flight out so that way we could have a half day in Hawaii. Well, even when she heard that our flight was at 6am and we would need to leave around 4:30am, she said yes!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending us off our one year anniversary trip!

Doxie 0325Here we are with Gretchen at the wheel of our Hawaii sunset vacation!


Borrowed Emeralds

Art Doodles

Earlier this fall, my sister-in-law Becky married Rob! Wahoo!!!

As per usual, a girl’s gotta think about what she is going to wear to this splendid event! I had found this top at Anthropologie, this skirt at Nordstrom and  these Vince Camuto shoes but not any accessories to go with it. What is a girl to do?

In comes East Coast Savvy Shopper, Lori! She is one of the great new additions to our family (Rob’s mom). She found the below pair of earrings at a sweet store in Queen Anne while we were having a mani/pedi time with the ladies. I immediately thought to myself, “Those would be perfect for my outfit!”

The next day, wedding day!, I tried to make what I had in my stash of jewelry for the outfit but the ladies ruled it out. In comes Lori, who graciously let me borrow them for the night. I was thrilled!

I have affinity for all things emerald. My ring is a emerald cut, I think the color emerald is gloriously rich, I live in the Emerald City and I was married during the year of the emerald color. Needless to say, I had to go back to the store to get my own. And I did!

IMG_7531Here are the little beauties displayed on our Thankfulness tree in the living room. Boy and I am thankful for them!

Thank you, dear Lori, for making my outfit complete! Let’s go shopping soon!

Borrowed Emeralds

 These little gems have kept on sparkling as I feel the urge to wear them all the time.