Borrowed Emeralds

Art Doodles

Earlier this fall, my sister-in-law Becky married Rob! Wahoo!!!

As per usual, a girl’s gotta think about what she is going to wear to this splendid event! I had found this top at Anthropologie, this skirt at Nordstrom and  these Vince Camuto shoes but not any accessories to go with it. What is a girl to do?

In comes East Coast Savvy Shopper, Lori! She is one of the great new additions to our family (Rob’s mom). She found the below pair of earrings at a sweet store in Queen Anne while we were having a mani/pedi time with the ladies. I immediately thought to myself, “Those would be perfect for my outfit!”

The next day, wedding day!, I tried to make what I had in my stash of jewelry for the outfit but the ladies ruled it out. In comes Lori, who graciously let me borrow them for the night. I was thrilled!

I have affinity for all things emerald. My ring is a emerald cut, I think the color emerald is gloriously rich, I live in the Emerald City and I was married during the year of the emerald color. Needless to say, I had to go back to the store to get my own. And I did!

IMG_7531Here are the little beauties displayed on our Thankfulness tree in the living room. Boy and I am thankful for them!

Thank you, dear Lori, for making my outfit complete! Let’s go shopping soon!

Borrowed Emeralds

 These little gems have kept on sparkling as I feel the urge to wear them all the time.


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