Neighbors to the Rescue!

Art Doodles

I think the moments I enjoy best being a homeowner is that we get to meet our neighbors. Knowing that I am not temporarily renting a place where I may only stay for a year or two years is really refreshing. I like that our neighborhood has people who are original owners of their homes and have great grandchildren now! Such history in one area!

I asked a friend (and neighbor) to do a quick drive-by bathroom break for Manny while we were away on vacation. Even though she has three children in school, various sports and clubs she agreed to let the little guy out. The fact that I can feel incredibly safe and comfortable handing over the keys to someone in my neighborhood is such a blessing!!!


A snapshot of Manny chillin with me today. He really is a calm puppy dog and a delightful conversationalist.

Thank you very much, Lissa, for taking time to let Manny do business and play with him. Truly appreciate it! Now have a glass of wine to celebrate, hehe.

Doxie 0335

Our dog, Manny is the first to greet anyone at our door, or the driveway, or the sidewalk, or the squirrel in the backyard. He takes his welcoming job very seriously. Some could say he has made a career out of it.


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