Pump It Upppppppp!

Art Doodles

I really dislike when house, car or dog matters happen on my watch. For instance, when I lost Manny at the dog park for 35 minutes. Or, as in recent events, a tire goes flat. I suddenly feel immense guilt that I did something wrong. As if I would purposely drive over a nail so that it would puncture the tire twice!

Thankfully, The Man signed up for tire insurance with Discount Tire Store and the tire was replaced for free!!! When they said, “Oh yeah we’ll get that replaced for you in no time at no cost,” I was floored. They apologized for a 45 minute wait time while I jumped for joy! I was able to grab a cup of coffee (Starbucks red cups are here!) and read my book. Sounds like a good morning to me.

Thank you Discount Tire Store for being pretty freakin awesome!

Doxie 0337Twirling with delight on a pile of free tires!


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