Wednesday Night Fútbol

Art Doodles

Great friends of ours gave us tickets to a Seattle Sounders soccer game! My man really enjoys soccer but surprisingly this was only our second game since meeting one another almost 3 years ago. It was great to get out for a date night to cheer on Seattle!

Thank you Marcus & Teresa for making a normal Wednesday a little bit more out of the ordinary! Go Sounders!!!

Wednesday Night Fútbol | The Art of Appreciation

We cheered our team on for a rallying win with only seconds to spare in overtime. Scarves up!



Wedded Cake Bliss

Art Doodles

I recently was a part of wedding where the two joining families were such a pleasure to celebrate the happy couple with. I just had to tell them my joy of being included in their new found sense of family.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment in your lives. To many more to come!

Wedded Cake Bliss | The Art of Appreciation

Basically this is where I could be found at the party, near the DERU Market cakes. My favorites are: Chocolate with salted peanut butter frosting, vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting, vanilla with coconut frosting, poppyseed with vanilla frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and wait…that is all of them! Seriously, they are that good!