Girl’s Weekend

Art Doodles

A friend from college was recently married in Orlando, FL. Lucky for me, one of my best friends lives there too. A wedding is always a great excuse to have a girl’s weekend!

My friend, Angie, was the perfect hostess for me on this weekend excursion. She greeted me with a bag of goodies to help me fight through jetlag, the intense Florida sun and the occasional chocolate craving.

Thank you, my dear Angie, for making me feel like a super special guest!

Doxie 0431

My PNW white skin definitely wasn’t ready for the rays of the Florida sun. Here I am slathered in sunscreen while eating my chocolate poolside. Sounds pretty good to me!


Real Life in Pastel

Art Doodles

When I first returned to the Seattle area, I was enrolled at Seattle Community College for an art minor. I studied under the talented Tatiana Garmendia along with many of my classmates.

One of my classmates, who is truly a natural with a great artistic eye, decided to use me as live model for his Drawing 111 Final.  The directive was to draw inspiration from a piece at the Seattle Art Museum and make it your own. Without even knowing it, he drew exactly what I would want to wear dressed up!

About a year ago, I started thinking about this pastel drawing wishing I could acquire it. I wrote the artist to see if he would part with it. He told me I was the only person who could entice him to say goodbye to “her.” And there you have it!

Now she proudly sits in my living room/ bar area for all to see. I really enjoy catching glances of her while I walk through the house. I remember the moments creating where everything is peaceful.

Basilio Bocalan-Eaton Pastel Drawing

Left: Basilio Bocalan-Eaton’s Pastel Drawing

Right: Inspiration Oil on Canvas Painting, Jessica Pen in Black with White Plumes by Robert Henri

Thank you for giving me a part of your creative self. I truly appreciate it every day!

Real Life in Pastel

Freud would say I value myself too highly in this painting sketch since I’m gigantic. Whoops!

Family Camp

Art Doodles

My husband was long ago adopted into his friend’s family tradition of “Family Camp.” The decision of two people started a much anticipated yearly event for all. Lots of people, games of all kinds, food and of course sleeping under the stars make for the perfect combo of a summertime celebration.

My husband and I are so excited and appreciative to be considered a part of this family excursion every year.

To The Nortons! Thank you for making us feel like one of the family!

Family Camp

The Columbia River at Maryhill State Park.

A few snapshots of camp life from this past summer.

image  image 11779845_10104156334209771_1595371258882800388_o