Real Life in Pastel

Art Doodles

When I first returned to the Seattle area, I was enrolled at Seattle Community College for an art minor. I studied under the talented Tatiana Garmendia along with many of my classmates.

One of my classmates, who is truly a natural with a great artistic eye, decided to use me as live model for his Drawing 111 Final.  The directive was to draw inspiration from a piece at the Seattle Art Museum and make it your own. Without even knowing it, he drew exactly what I would want to wear dressed up!

About a year ago, I started thinking about this pastel drawing wishing I could acquire it. I wrote the artist to see if he would part with it. He told me I was the only person who could entice him to say goodbye to “her.” And there you have it!

Now she proudly sits in my living room/ bar area for all to see. I really enjoy catching glances of her while I walk through the house. I remember the moments creating where everything is peaceful.

Basilio Bocalan-Eaton Pastel Drawing

Left: Basilio Bocalan-Eaton’s Pastel Drawing

Right: Inspiration Oil on Canvas Painting, Jessica Pen in Black with White Plumes by Robert Henri

Thank you for giving me a part of your creative self. I truly appreciate it every day!

Real Life in Pastel

Freud would say I value myself too highly in this painting sketch since I’m gigantic. Whoops!


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