The Best Time of the Year

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

The time has arrived for big turkey dinners, mounds of mashed potatoes, Starbucks red cups, Christmas music and family! The greatest of these, Family.

What better way to start off the week of ultimate Thanksgiving then with a Thank You from one of my Tweedles. The gift of Transformers produced this precious note. The simple things in life are the ones worth holding on to.  This goes in the vault.


Nothing is more dear than a handwritten note from the littlest of hands.



Typed Appreciation

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I’ve had a great appreciation for typewriters since I was a little girl. My grandma used to use one as her main correspondence method. When visiting her house you could hear the slight purr of the electromechanical typewriter and then the tap tap tap of the keys as she started to write.

Then when I was about 14 a wonderful family friend found an old typewriter for me to use. I enjoyed the feel of the silky keys under my fingers and the decisive tap of the letterpress striking the paper through the ribbon. I had to give it up after a couple of years because of long distance moves (it was really heavy!), along with the ribbon ran out. I searched high and low but couldn’t find the correct replacement. I guess the age old tail of “Out with the old, and in with the new” was the demise of my trusty typewriter.

I recently received a Thank You card that took me back to the days listening to my grandma type and the smell of the inky ribbons.


Erin, soon-to-be-Mrs., has great taste which extends to her paper goods! This lil’ beaut now graces the refrigerator door giving me pings of pleasure every time I glance at it.

I couldn’t find the link to the notecard above but I found this one and this one. I think I just found additions to my Christmas wish list!

Bonded by Wine & Paint

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I’ve received two of these flowery little thank you cards from my friend Krissy. Such elegant pieces of prettiness.


1. For a birthday gift of homemade lavender sachets and bird glass charms. Krissy is a delightful host who has such wonderful spreads of cheese and wine for our friends. Love it!

2. The repainting of her old apartment that I helped her paint at the beginning. What a weird deja vu! We had a great time catching up and drinking lots of coffee very early in the morning.

Onward to new adventures, my dear! Thanks for the thanks!

Foody, Fun and Fifty

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My mom turned Fifty! Say what!!!

She is an incredible woman who teaches me continually in all areas of life. To celebrate her half a century of extreme awesomeness, my family and I threw her a surprise filled 4 days of fun and food.

A picture montage to tell it all.

image image image 303043_10151664824557526_1548563046_n 935733_10151664824972526_662485295_n 262576_10151664826012526_1709198949_n 945959_10151664826467526_417156341_n 247123_10151664826567526_412690687_n image image image 486694_10151664834987526_22761387_n 943428_10151664834967526_2127122133_n 946808_10151664835212526_200854527_n 577678_10151664835487526_1885456809_n image 941884_10151664837492526_1126392577_n 320836_10151664837697526_1614648184_n

Pomegranate Bistro, Toulouse Petit, Nordstrom Personal Shopper Department, Family Dinners, Gene Juarez Spa in Bellevue, Woodinville Lavender Farm, Chateau St. Michelle, Black Bottle, Surprise Birthday Party

My momma sent me a hand written thank you to show her appreciation for all the details that went into planning the weekend.


Thank you, my Toots, for letting me be your daughter and writing me notes all the time. Much Love!

Aunt Adoration

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I really enjoy being Auntie Gin. Enormously! I have 7 nieces and nephews who I feel privileged to be called an Aunt (awwwnt, not ant) by.

The first sent me a handmade Thank You postcard. Oh what sweet joy to see appreciation through the eyes of an 8 year old.



I will send clothes, books, games, trinkets… whatever it takes to receive little joys like this. Love you my Ellie Girl!


Narwhal of a Good Time!

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My good friend, Christina, had a baby!

Bee Bop

Bee Bop A Ree Bop is what I call her. In short, Bee Bop. This is a snapshot from one of our church groups. She gave me an endearing smile.

The rest of the world calls her Ellie. (I’m partial to this name as well since my first niece is an Ellie.)

Well, back before Bee Bop made her entrance into the world, Kristy and I decided to throw Christina and baby girl a shower to celebrate them both!

This is what came about through a few discussions with Christina, the inspiration of the sea and the love of friendship.




20130120_172936Kristy, Christina, Bee Bop and myself.

One of Kristy’s great ideas was to have addressed envelopes from all the guests to help ease the process of thank you card writing. I took it one step farther and created a narwhal inspired card to go along. Since Christina liked the theme of the sea, book pages, bunting and and little pops of pink, I took inspiration and went with it.


The best part is I received one from her! It is a rare moment when I am given one of my own creations. Adding a truly Christina touch, she underlined funny, applicable or weird words on the book page envelopes. Love it!

My dearest Christina, thank you for saying thanks!

Hooked on Each Other

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My younger cousin got happily hitched last June! I was able to fly out from the West Coast to celebrate her nuptials in the great state of Connecticut.

bekki & jayWhat a wonderfully sweet couple!

A few snapshots from the wedding

Gin and dress

Doing what I can to help out the bride. 🙂

gin dancingMy family is REALLY into dancing. And so am I!

I have a tradition that for every person who happily gets hitched in my family receives a hand crocheted blanket.

This one is number is #4


Bekki oh so sweetly is modeling it for me!

And this the great Thank You card I received from new couple.

20130214_131732It warms my heart to see that this card is signed by them both. Three cheers for new family!

House Full of Thanks

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

In December, I went to a housewarming party for a dear friend. She and her husband had bought their first home. What an exciting first in life!

The chose a cozy home that has lots of charm. Along with a view off of their deck!

As a housewarming gift, The Man and I brought a basket of goodies that complement a new home. Chocolate, Bread, Cheese, and wine.

I had originally seen this basket of goodies idea on Pinterest. Of course. I have no original thoughts anymore. This woman in her blog provides a reason for every item in the basket. I really like being able to give a gift that can be used.

Tarah, every so on top of things, sent a thank you card soon after the party.

20130130_102153The card is whimsical and pretty in its uniquely different fonts, string and details. One of my favorite parts is the stamp. The image of the little mailman carrying his sack of mail with a smile on his face is extremely joyful to me. It really is the small things in life that add up to be the big stuff.


I Am…

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My dear friend, Erin, is extremely prompt with notes and letters of thanks. And of course they are beyond cute!

Before the Christmas holiday, a note of thanks arrived in my mailbox.

The reason you might ask? I helped to plan and execute her engagement to a wonderful man, David!!!!!!!! The astonishing thing is that I received the thank you note 2 days after she became engaged. Like this woman doesn’t have the Christmas holiday to take care of and now the joy of retelling her engagement story to everyone in sight. She is such an encouragement on avenues of appreciation!

The hardest secrets to keep are the ones that you known will bring extreme joy and happiness to the other’s life. But alas I was able to keep my mouth closed and assist David and Alla (The Second in Command to David).


A roof top proposal over looking The Puget Sound and distant Olympic Mountains.


The soon-to-be engaged, David, in the middle, beaming with joy with his “crew” moments before Erin arrived at the scene. Such a fun moment to be a part of!

I have recently been ogling the windows of Kate Spade with the bright colors and gold accents. Ya just can’t help but to smile when a pop of color catches your eye and twinkles your senses.

 This note from Erin was no different. A crisp thick card stock with neon pink script writing and stark black checks next to the exploits of thanks. Not to mention the “wrapping.” A goldenrod yellow envelope with gold and white striped insert. Oh joy!!!!

20130103_223448Now how completely perfect is it that Erin’s note is Kate Spade!!!!

Thank you, Soon-To-Be MRS, for a bright spot in my mailbox!

Booties for Bear Cub!

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

A bright bit of thanks from my cousin, Aimee, and her family!

The stamp is one of my favorites received so far. What an exquisite pint sized piece of artwork!

The happy addition to Aimee’s little family came earlier this year. A baby boy! In an effort to find the perfect gift for this little Bear Cub, I came across a tutorial for crocheted Cowboy Booties. (The tutorial is a video instruction that is so simple to follow. Crochet along in real time with the instructor.) I knew that Bear Cub needed a pair of these!

Cute, right? I mean extremely manly for Bear Cub!

Now take a look at this! Bear Cub is a perfect foot model.

Aimee is perfection with a camera in her hand. Bear Cub has the best baby portraits to look back on.

He has a little bit of growing before he can fill these boots. At the moment, I’ll just admire his sweet little feet.

Thank you, Aimee and family, for giving me a place to send all the creations. Otherwise, I would be the crazy cat lady with too many embroidered pillows, crocheted blankets and…cats. XOXOXO

This past June, I was able to make a cross country trip for my cousin Bekki’s wedding. While there I spent a day hanging out with Bear Cub. What a charmer with the ladies!

A little family photo sesh.

There too beautiful of people not to!

(All photos by Brett & Aimee with Love Tree Photography)

How is it that the ladies in my family look so gorgeous and serene after giving birth! It contradicts all I’ve heard about having a baby.

Brett hops in there for one of Bear Cub’s first of many kisses.

All together now!

My favorite of them all!