Birthstone Memories

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A dear friend gave me a gold bracelet with a sapphire stone charm. It’s beautiful!

I like it for three reasons:

1. Gold

2. My birthstone

3. Sri Lanka

Last year, my husband and I with some friends took an adventurous trip to Sri Lanka and Dubai. Sri Lanka is known for its sparkling blue sapphire stones. We went to a gem shop while we were there. I can still remember the glittering different blues dancing before my eyes.

Thank you, Lo, for giving me a daily reminder of a wonderful trip! And of course a little bling to my outfit.

Lo Bracelet

Every day can be improved by a little sparkle!


A Baby for my Birthday

Art Doodles

A glassybaby that is!

A dear friend is long time supporter and admirer of glassybaby votives. I will refrain from naming how many she has but lets just say she a “mother” load!

For my birthday this year, she made me card carrying member of the glassybaby club with this one.

Thank you, my dear Maggie!

Doxie 0442

Taking deep breathes in this new birthday year and enjoying the blessings all around.

Pucker Up Buttercup!

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Pickles are one of my top favorite snacks and sidekicks to a sandwich.

I’m a dill only kinda gal. I’ll eat bread & butter pickles or sweet pickles but there is nothing like the puckering quality of a dill pickle.

My late Grandpa Bee would agree with me!

My sister-in-law gave me a big ‘ol jar of homemade pickles with the recipe and pickling spice for my birthday! For some reason, I had never thought to make my own all these years. Now I’m eating a pickle or two any time the munchies appear.

We had a girl’s day with other family and friends to make refrigerator style traditional and unique pickled items.

Hmmm mmmm Delicious!

Thank you, Becky, for enlightening me on the delectable homemade pickle process!

Doxie 0454

Beauty Tip: A good dill pickle will always create that perfect lip pucker.

Dill Pickle Recipe:

8 cups water

1/2 cup canning salt

2 cups distilled water

Bring to a boil, then place in bowl with:

1 bulb garlic

2 tsp pickling spice

8-12 stocks dill

3-4 small onions

pickling cucumbers

Let sit out for 3 days (c0vered), refrigerate for 8 months – 1 year.

Opening Act at the Big Top

Art Doodles

I’m excited for the next Family Camp already!

One of my birthday wishes, this year, was for special camping dishes. I was inspired by Deru, a local favorite spot, who serves their food on black and white enamelware dishes. Clean, functional and perfect for camp life. Add a dent or two and suddenly it has more character with memories.

Thank you, Mom and Dad^2, for a wonderful gift and many memories to come!

Doxie 0450

Camp life is always a juggling act of some kind. But, oh is it fun!

Here is the link to the dishes I received.

Labeled Frenzy

Art Doodles

I am one of those people who receives immense satisfaction from organization. Nothing better than a clean space with appropriate labeled boxes, cabinets, pens, dogs, husbands…

This year for my birthday my parents gave me a label maker! How I’ve lived without one for this many years is a mystery to me.

Labeler Thank You

All of my Husband’s fears, in regards to label makers, are coming true in this sketch. You know sometimes you gotta label what is yours so everyone else knows. Hehee.

Girl’s Day Out

Art Doodles

For two years running, one of my great friends has given me a “Girl Date” as a birthday present. She met me two years ago just before my birthday and thought this would be great way to celebrate a new friendship. I agree! She has been wrapping a bow on a friend date ever since. This year is no different.  Whether its coffee, thrift shopping, Nordstrom or just girl talk, we always leave refreshed from each other’s presence. Can’t wait to see what we do this year!

Thank you Maggie!

photo 1 (8)

We’re at it again! Of course Maggie with her fabulous hair!

Still not loving using a pen instead of ink. But loving the beautiful views of Kauai and the sun!

A Mani Good Time

Art Doodles

A couple of days before my birthday, my accident klutz prone self incurred a wicked leash burn on the back of my knees. There goes the man’s plan of a spa day with a body scrub… ouch!

Plan B, manicures with a girlfriend.

Nadya’s spontaneity to join in on some girly time was great! Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Thank you, Nadya, for rescuing my cuticles and nails in a time of need!

photo 2 (7)

This is supposed to be the long lost picture of Nadya and I on that day that we really didn’t take. So this is where you can tell ink is not my most skilled medium.

photo 4 (5)

I like this sketch version of my hand much better but somehow I made Nadia and I look like Neanderthals. Oops! Back to the drawing board to work on my fast sketches with ink.


Rottenly Spoiled By Love

Art Doodles

My husband (Eeeeek! I still can’t believe I get to call him that!), enjoys giving gifts! Whether it be my favorite peanut butter chocolate bar or a new pair heels, I believe he receives equal enjoyment from giving each.

Birthdays and Christmas are his moment to shine with surprises. He is so cute about it all! He gets excited about each surprise and present.

This year he did not disappoint! He surprised me with different people, events and gifts. Highlights: Blind Pig Bistro, Kinky Boots, and Spa Time.


One of his birthday gifts is perfect for a plane ride to paradise. I traveled in comfortable style with the Blackmilk burned velvet maxi.

My man, I am thankful for you all the days of my life!


Doxie 0314

My own personal giant is the best birthday gift ever!

Everybody Loves…

Art Doodles

Hot Cakes!

It’s a fact.

A great friend of ours came out to celebrate my birthday, even though he doesn’t like dessert!!! Buddy, you came to the wrong shop.

I was so honored that he came out sans his dessert loving wife. He even gave the chocolate molten lava cake a try. And liked it!

I found the secret ingredient for him to like basically anything… peanut butter! He had the peanut butter hot cake which is a favorite of my man and I’s. Now to have him try the Drunken Sailor: peanut butter whiskey milk shake.

Thank you Rob for making the trek to Hot Cakes to celebrate with us!

Doxie 0317

In honor of Rob’s taste in savory foods, here is a drawing of Pike’s Place Market goodies. With a Hersey’s bar for Kash!