Sub-Urban Sketching

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Other than mail, I love…

Small things

Colorful things

and Art

I recently found a new book that combines all three of these things into one!

Urban sketching is a whole community of artists that I had no idea existed! Everyone has a little book of life-inspired sketches from around their town or travels.

Usually I’m eager to give away anything I create since I’m a purger at heart. But this little book of art is becoming my favorite item to hold onto. I now look for items or scenes throughout the day that inspire or hold meaning for me.

Thank you, Katie, for gifting me this artistically inspiring book!

Doxie 0447

I’m conquering the suburban elements to sketch onsite. I think a trip into the city is needed next!

Here are my first three sketches.

image  image  image


Freshly Grown Love

Art Doodles

I’ve had my eye on glass terrariums for a year or two now. Especially the kinds that can be suspended with small bits of air plants peeking out of them. Yet for some reason I had never purchased one.

A family tradition is to make wish lists for Christmas and birthdays. While it can be argued that this takes the surprise aspect out of birthday gifts; our family never saw it that way. Instead it takes the guess work and stress out if you really can’t find something that they would enjoy. We’ve found this out more than ever living spread across the country from each other.

This year on my birthday wish list I had:

1. $$ for skydiving – for getting the additional video of the flight/fall 🙂

note: I was on the fence about getting the video for skydiving. If you go skydiving, GET THE VIDEO! Dan talked me into it. Best decision!

2. Brunch at Boat Street Cafe – I have worked next to this restaurant for over a year and half yet still have only sampled a few of their Kitchen items. How is that possible!?
3. Gap T-shirt dress in Tall Medium. 
4. Hanging Terrarium – something like this one, only 1 to start
5. New Sheet Set – I would like a printed set that is not too girly but is bright, cheerful and coordinates with my room.)
           a. DVF Studio™ Palm Sheet Set – I don’t know how much this would coordinate with my room. I just like how cheerful it is!
            b. Marimekko Pieni Unikko Red Sheet Set – What a bright pop of color!
                c. Marimekko Pippurikera Wisteria Sheet Sets – coordinates with room beautifully
So my family received the above list this year. My brother and his family, which really means Melissa, beamed in on #4. She was able to find a company, Hinterland Trading, that provides a gift boxed terrarium with an air plant!
This little beaut now hangs in my room catching the rays that sprinkle in through the window. I see it first thing when I walk into my room. Always happy memories to be thought of.
It is a little hard to see in this picture but it is hanging up to left from the owl. The owl was a gift from a family friend (who is actually Melissa’s dad- so basically family too). He loves to antique and thought this would be perfect for me. I agree!
Thank you my dear family for listening to my little requests!
My Tweedles and I at my 25th “Dive into 25” party.
Yup, there’s skydiver me preparing to jump from my hanging terrarium with my air plant over the Olympic Mountains. NBD. 🙂


Art Doodles

A new friend, Emily, gave me an absolutely wonderful gift!

How did she know me so well?

Before the last crepe party, I browsed through recipes to be inspired. They all looked so good! I think I will be eating crepes for every meal now.

Plus look how cute this card is!

The details of ghosting packages and different colors make this card’s illustration super sweet!

Thank you my dear Emily for making my birthday (and all the meals afterwards) so special!

The rush of skydiving is like the taste bud explosion with a good crepe!

Her Girl Thursday

Art Doodles

I have a Thursday Girl.

She’s My Girl Thursday instead of Friday. Great movie with Cary Grant. Appreciate the banter and smart retorts.

Yup, my weekly dose of little girly goodness. Pink bows, toothy grins, frilly skirts, and giggles.

Isn’t she precious!

I’ve been playing with her since she was 2 1/2 months old. She’s my little side kick for adventures, lunch dates and chillin.

This lovely lady is not that old yet but has already been taught the value of a good handbag and shopping. The only talents a girl should really cultivate in life. 🙂

My first foray into the world of designer handbags. I must say that I am hooked!

Thank you dear Thursday Girl for making my life so extremely blessed!  Also for making my arm candy so beautiful!

This is one of my favorite moments while skydiving. Feeling like I am soaring above the globe. Amazing moment!!!

Just Because…

One of my all time favorite pictures of Thursday. All that baby goodness!

Model perfect at the beach!

I have a slight obsession with putting headbands and bows on her little soft head. Who can resist!

Pink Pink Pink!

Art Doodles

My Aunt Lois (who is really my great aunt) has always been the lovely doting relative. Without fail she mails cards for every significant event and never misses a birthday.

Last year I wrote this post concerning my birthday. I mentioned our love of pink sunsets. A few days ago I received a surprise phone call from her! Not having heard her voice in awhile but knowing her handwriting well it was such an unexpected joy. She said she had to call and see how my skydiving adventure went. And she of course had to comment on the fact that my skydiving jumpsuit was bright pink!

Evidence of the bright pink jumpsuit.                                                                               This is Dan, from this post and this post. We’re still friends and having adventures!

My Aunt Lois and I had a good laugh about the pink jumpsuit.

Thank you to my Aunt Lois for helping me to celebrate the great moments in life!

This was her card to me. I love that it proudly proclaims my new coming of age! 25 it is people! 🙂

Thankfully when I went skydiving it wasn’t too windy or I would have ended up like this!

Coffee & Shoes

Art Doodles

What better can a day be than good conversation with a friend, delicious coffee and shoes!

For my birthday this year Miss Maggie gave me a wonderfully sweet present. A friend date. Maggie and I have recently met in the past month and half or so. This was the best gift for a new friend. Quality time and shopping!

We meandered over to Bustle in Queen Anne for our cup of joe. And what a cup of joe! Salted caramel goodness with a spidery design in the foam. They have very original drinks that fit the Seattle coffee vibe.

Ironically as I write this I am in the stereotypical Starbucks sipping a cup of almost black almost unsweetened drip coffee- very un-Seattle of me. Where’s the Grande Skinny No Foam Extra Shot Upside Down Caramel Macchiato Extra Hot? 🙂

Our next stop after chatting was a little shopping excursion to Meadow. A little boutique that has been raved about from so many friends. And I have yet to visit and ogle all the lovely threads and glittery items. Crime of all crimes it was closed on a Monday! Maggie thinking on her feet (hardy har har) decided we needed a trip to DSW instead. Off we went to decorate our toesy with anything that met our fancy.

I chose these little jewels. Tan flats with black bows and trim. Reminds me of French little girls and swinging skirts.

Thank you Maggie for making my Monday extra beautiful and celebrating my birthday in style!

I decided in an effort to thank everyone in a timely manner that skydiving would be my theme for the cards. It was my “Dive into 25” after all.