A Baby for my Birthday

Art Doodles

A glassybaby that is!

A dear friend is long time supporter and admirer of glassybaby votives. I will refrain from naming how many she has but lets just say she a “mother” load!

For my birthday this year, she made me card carrying member of the glassybaby club with this one.

Thank you, my dear Maggie!

Doxie 0442

Taking deep breathes in this new birthday year and enjoying the blessings all around.


Dark Beauty

Art Doodles

I am continually surprised by the generosity of my friends.

A dear friend, who wasn’t able to celebrate with me on my birthday, gave me this candle a few days later. Target’s Black Orchid & Amber candle is a great balance between musky warmth and a not-too-sweet scent.

Plus, I’m pretty sure my man doesn’t mind it too much. Now that’s an accomplishment!


We both enjoy this new design of the candle container. Seems more refined and elegant.


I found just the right place for it on our side table in the living room. Already can’t contain myself and have been lighting it often.

Thank you, fellow candle aficionado, Erin!

Note: I couldn’t find this candle on Target online. Probably due to the new design. Hopefully they will put it up soon for anyone who can’t get into the store. Enjoy!

Fragrantly Bright

Art Doodles

I wasn’t a candle kind of person until I met Alana. Or more appropriately when Alana and I became roommates then friends.

She always had candles gently burning in her room. It brightened the gloom of January and February making the Seattle rain glow. Alana was sweet enough to give my other roommate, Rachel, and I candles!

The box is equally as beautiful as the scent!

Now for the “glow” factor.

The candle is Cameo by Seda France in Cote D’Azur.

Wonderfully musky with sweet twinges. (The website does a much better job of describing the scent.) You know its a good quality candle when the wax is creamy and doesn’t cake to the sides.

Thanks Alana!

The day I moved into my new apartment also happened to be the day Snowmageddon started! We celebrated the snow and being roomies with champagne! Me, Amanda (Honorary Roommate) Alana and Rachel

Later that week after one of my sledding expeditions it was snow cone time with the ladies! Alana, Me and Rachel

Alana is great at minimalism in design. She always has the right balance without feeling over crowded or too sparse. I feel like this card is minimally right for her.

One of my favorite bloggers does a candle a month post. I don’t know if I will ever get to that point but its something to think about. The winter months will probably have me scoring the racks for lightly scented glowing goodness.