Birthstone Memories

Art Doodles

A dear friend gave me a gold bracelet with a sapphire stone charm. It’s beautiful!

I like it for three reasons:

1. Gold

2. My birthstone

3. Sri Lanka

Last year, my husband and I with some friends took an adventurous trip to Sri Lanka and Dubai. Sri Lanka is known for its sparkling blue sapphire stones. We went to a gem shop while we were there. I can still remember the glittering different blues dancing before my eyes.

Thank you, Lo, for giving me a daily reminder of a wonderful trip! And of course a little bling to my outfit.

Lo Bracelet

Every day can be improved by a little sparkle!


Fall Gatherings

Art Doodles

A good friend invited a group of us out to her parent’s cabin in the woods for a good old fashion sleepover! Long walks, games, good food and a lot of a laughs. All very good for the soul!

Thank you, Caitlin, for creating such a wonderful environment for us all to enjoy!

Doxie 0458

One of the girls had a Better Homes & Gardens magazine displaying a fall grass wreath. Another one of the ladies and I decided that we would scavenge on our walks in the woods to find the necessities to create our own fall grass wreaths.

wreath makings

The bounty of our scavenging.


The finished product with a little help from the local craft stores floral section and my neighborhood.

A Baby for my Birthday

Art Doodles

A glassybaby that is!

A dear friend is long time supporter and admirer of glassybaby votives. I will refrain from naming how many she has but lets just say she a “mother” load!

For my birthday this year, she made me card carrying member of the glassybaby club with this one.

Thank you, my dear Maggie!

Doxie 0442

Taking deep breathes in this new birthday year and enjoying the blessings all around.

A Weekend Away

Art Doodles

My man and I had a great excuse to have a weekend away when two great friends were married outside of Bellingham, WA. We enlisted another couple to be our tour guides of the city. They did a spectacular job!!! I now want to spend every weekend away in Bellingham exploring the little shops, drinking coffee and getting in the holiday mood.

Thank you Matt & Maggie for being such gracious hosts and tour guides!

Bellingham Thank You

The Herald building felt very ionic on our way to pizza and beer.

Girl’s Weekend

Art Doodles

A friend from college was recently married in Orlando, FL. Lucky for me, one of my best friends lives there too. A wedding is always a great excuse to have a girl’s weekend!

My friend, Angie, was the perfect hostess for me on this weekend excursion. She greeted me with a bag of goodies to help me fight through jetlag, the intense Florida sun and the occasional chocolate craving.

Thank you, my dear Angie, for making me feel like a super special guest!

Doxie 0431

My PNW white skin definitely wasn’t ready for the rays of the Florida sun. Here I am slathered in sunscreen while eating my chocolate poolside. Sounds pretty good to me!

Family Camp

Art Doodles

My husband was long ago adopted into his friend’s family tradition of “Family Camp.” The decision of two people started a much anticipated yearly event for all. Lots of people, games of all kinds, food and of course sleeping under the stars make for the perfect combo of a summertime celebration.

My husband and I are so excited and appreciative to be considered a part of this family excursion every year.

To The Nortons! Thank you for making us feel like one of the family!

Family Camp

The Columbia River at Maryhill State Park.

A few snapshots of camp life from this past summer.

image  image 11779845_10104156334209771_1595371258882800388_o


Wednesday Night Fútbol

Art Doodles

Great friends of ours gave us tickets to a Seattle Sounders soccer game! My man really enjoys soccer but surprisingly this was only our second game since meeting one another almost 3 years ago. It was great to get out for a date night to cheer on Seattle!

Thank you Marcus & Teresa for making a normal Wednesday a little bit more out of the ordinary! Go Sounders!!!

Wednesday Night Fútbol | The Art of Appreciation

We cheered our team on for a rallying win with only seconds to spare in overtime. Scarves up!


Playing House

Art Doodles

We have been so blessed by different friends and family willing to help take care of things while we take a moment to celebrate our wedded bliss.

One of those star members was Lo! She graciously held down the fort and gave lots of love to our puppy dog, Manny. It gave us such peace of mind that she was there when the power went out do to high winds. Doesn’t that always happen when you’re away from the house?!

For the first time in my life, I felt like the overbearing parent when writing down of list of “Manny” things. I’ve house/dog sat and baby sat for a could portion of my high school/college/post college life. I know the drill on when taking care of someone else’s beloved items whether that be human, almost human or objects. As I got to the bottom of my list of notes, instructions and good-to-know items, I realized how parent-like I sounded. I immediately signed off the letter with, “I feel like an over controlling mom! Really, as long as he is fed and let out to pee we’re happy”.

I then sent the email off and prayed for peace, wisdom and trust when it comes to actually having kids. How the fur ball has changed my life. And I thought becoming a wife was going to be the biggest adjustment!

Manny Montage

IMG_5898     IMG_5501    IMG_2274

Our first vacation as a family of 3.

Manny’s intense concentration at the dog park. Happens to also be the day I lost him for 35 minutes. I’m still working on the “mom” thing.

He may not look like he loves hugs…and he probably doesn’t… but sometimes everyone needs a hug!

Thank you my dear Lo for dealing with my premature parent qualities and taking care of everything!

Doxie 0331

Manny would like to give Lo his own Thank You flower stem. He really is quick the charmer with the ladies.

Neighbors to the Rescue!

Art Doodles

I think the moments I enjoy best being a homeowner is that we get to meet our neighbors. Knowing that I am not temporarily renting a place where I may only stay for a year or two years is really refreshing. I like that our neighborhood has people who are original owners of their homes and have great grandchildren now! Such history in one area!

I asked a friend (and neighbor) to do a quick drive-by bathroom break for Manny while we were away on vacation. Even though she has three children in school, various sports and clubs she agreed to let the little guy out. The fact that I can feel incredibly safe and comfortable handing over the keys to someone in my neighborhood is such a blessing!!!


A snapshot of Manny chillin with me today. He really is a calm puppy dog and a delightful conversationalist.

Thank you very much, Lissa, for taking time to let Manny do business and play with him. Truly appreciate it! Now have a glass of wine to celebrate, hehe.

Doxie 0335

Our dog, Manny is the first to greet anyone at our door, or the driveway, or the sidewalk, or the squirrel in the backyard. He takes his welcoming job very seriously. Some could say he has made a career out of it.