Signs of Water

Art Doodles

I am the little girl from the movie Signs. I drink half to three quarters of a glass of water and then leave it. All.Over.The.House.

This especially happens at bedtime. I bring a new cup of water into my bedroom each night for that one last sip of water right before I drift off to sleep or for the middle of the night parched mouth.

But… After one night of a glass sitting on my nightstand it has microscopic dust bunnies, unfortunately, a dog hair or two (thanks Manny!) and old water just doesn’t seem as appetizing as new water.

Cue Maggie! She gave me the perfect solution to my collection of water glasses at my bedside. A water carafe with cup cover. It’s perfectly wonderful and everyone should have one! My water is dust bunny and most important dog hair free. Plus it has our last initial, H, etched into it. I am a huge fan of monograms. HUGE!

Thank you dear Maggie from saving me from the life of hairy dust-bunny filled water!

Maggie water carafe

Now my bedside table, which Maggie helped me pick out from a local thrift shop, looks even more glamorous!


Cut to the Chase

Art Doodles

I love mail.

My family knows that.

My brother encourages it.


Thanks, Zach, for wielding your talents, again, to create a favorite mail-inspired accessory!

Doxie 0444

No funny business here when it comes to opening mail or defending my home.

Thoughtfully Crafted

Art Doodles

My sister-in-law created glass jewelry boxes for the women in her family as beautiful thank you gifts for helping out with her wedding. Such a thoughtful and gorgeous reminder of her love and appreciation.


Her handcrafted beauty held a glistening pair of earrings as well!


Thank you Becky for including me in such a beautiful moment!

Doxie 0339

Sitting pretty with my new earrings and jewelry box.

Engrained Art

Art Doodles

For a little while now, I’ve been on the hunt for the just the right letter opener. The act of using a tool to slit open a letter perfectly with a crisp turn of the wrist is elegance refined. I was huntin’ and couldn’t find one I liked.

My brother got wind of my wish list item of a letter opener. He artfully fashioned one himself out of a beautiful piece of wood. Talented, for sure.

IMG_6573 The magical way these burls were formed in the wood to create such swirls and dips. Reminds of me a childhood movie, Fern Gully, with the all the trees to be saved.

Thank you Zach, Miss and Tweedles for the daily reminder of great family love!

Doxie 0301

I don’t actually bring the letter opener to the mailbox. I have just enough self control to open the mail inside my house. But just enough…

My Right & Left Hand Ladies

Art Doodles

My birthday celebrations would not have been possible without these two very special ladies, Brittany and Melissa. They are my late night dance partners, early morning laughter and midday check ins. Otherwise known as awesome roommates!!!

Brittany was a complete peach and made my actual birthday one to remember right from the start. She left a handmade card for me by the bathroom sink so I would see it right off. Best way to start off a birthday!

Melissa gave me such a sweet pair of real pearl earrings from her travels last summer. She bought them in a little market (in a very obscure foreign country)! How completely special is that!

And the Tiffany blue box is just icing on top!

Both of these ladies helped me to throw my Dive into 25 birthday party. I literally would not have been able to do it without them. From hanging garland to grocery shopping to keeping calm.

Ladies, you are both extremely amazing!

Brittany does shopping like from the old show “Shop til You Drop”! But of course styling in glitter fabulous cowgirl boots!

And Melissa made me feel like a woman even while skydiving!