Cut to the Chase

Art Doodles

I love mail.

My family knows that.

My brother encourages it.


Thanks, Zach, for wielding your talents, again, to create a favorite mail-inspired accessory!

Doxie 0444

No funny business here when it comes to opening mail or defending my home.


A Writin and A Mailin

Art Doodles

Today is dedicated to catching up with friends and family through snail mail.


Of course I need my little sidekick Thursday Girl to help me write all those newsy letters. I feel like I have a mini me. She is happiest with a pen and paper in her hands.


Here we go! Off to The Mailbox to post them!


And of course their inset mailbox brings a cheery smile to my face.

Send an old fashioned letter yourself today!


From Thursday Girl and I, have a spectacular day! We’re off to Macy’s!

House Full of Thanks

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

In December, I went to a housewarming party for a dear friend. She and her husband had bought their first home. What an exciting first in life!

The chose a cozy home that has lots of charm. Along with a view off of their deck!

As a housewarming gift, The Man and I brought a basket of goodies that complement a new home. Chocolate, Bread, Cheese, and wine.

I had originally seen this basket of goodies idea on Pinterest. Of course. I have no original thoughts anymore. This woman in her blog provides a reason for every item in the basket. I really like being able to give a gift that can be used.

Tarah, every so on top of things, sent a thank you card soon after the party.

20130130_102153The card is whimsical and pretty in its uniquely different fonts, string and details. One of my favorite parts is the stamp. The image of the little mailman carrying his sack of mail with a smile on his face is extremely joyful to me. It really is the small things in life that add up to be the big stuff.


I Am…

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My dear friend, Erin, is extremely prompt with notes and letters of thanks. And of course they are beyond cute!

Before the Christmas holiday, a note of thanks arrived in my mailbox.

The reason you might ask? I helped to plan and execute her engagement to a wonderful man, David!!!!!!!! The astonishing thing is that I received the thank you note 2 days after she became engaged. Like this woman doesn’t have the Christmas holiday to take care of and now the joy of retelling her engagement story to everyone in sight. She is such an encouragement on avenues of appreciation!

The hardest secrets to keep are the ones that you known will bring extreme joy and happiness to the other’s life. But alas I was able to keep my mouth closed and assist David and Alla (The Second in Command to David).


A roof top proposal over looking The Puget Sound and distant Olympic Mountains.


The soon-to-be engaged, David, in the middle, beaming with joy with his “crew” moments before Erin arrived at the scene. Such a fun moment to be a part of!

I have recently been ogling the windows of Kate Spade with the bright colors and gold accents. Ya just can’t help but to smile when a pop of color catches your eye and twinkles your senses.

 This note from Erin was no different. A crisp thick card stock with neon pink script writing and stark black checks next to the exploits of thanks. Not to mention the “wrapping.” A goldenrod yellow envelope with gold and white striped insert. Oh joy!!!!

20130103_223448Now how completely perfect is it that Erin’s note is Kate Spade!!!!

Thank you, Soon-To-Be MRS, for a bright spot in my mailbox!

My Sweet Spot

Inspiration by Mail

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”

~Phyllis Theroux


I enjoy going to the post office.

What?! What kind of person enjoys the post office?



The anticipation of mail in the process of going from one loving hand through the machines and mailmen to another set of loving hands is the magical part of it all. The suspense of the whole process is what makes mail so utterly wonderful! Most good/great/amazing things in life are worth the wait. Mail is one of these.


To create even more sparkle to sending a piece of mail, I found this mailing center in Ballard. The Mailbox.

This place has a warm cozy aesthetic that has traditional ornate mailboxes for locals, a collection of handmade and unique cards, a play area for the kids, and an array of local goods from jewelry to Space Needle pasta. The cheerful workers help to ship out your precious bundles of hand written love while discussing the happenings around the neighborhood. The process becomes so much more of an experience.


My favorite part is if you have already stamped mail you put it into their mailbox!  A cute novelty idea to make this local shop even more homey.

Another bonus is The Mailbox is located right across the street from Larsens Danish Bakery. When my family moved to Seattle in 2000 from RI, we moved right into this neighborhood. To our added enjoyment of the gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains there were yummy goodies too. If you get the chance, mail a letter and try the Cinnamon Custard Twist. I die!!!

Hand Crafted Thanks

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

Last week I was given an envelope by a friend on an ordinary Thursday. Not suspecting anything I carried on with my night. When I reached home I discovered the envelope tucked into a bag. I was happily greeted by this:

And also on a cheerful note, it is designed with the smelly markers! Not only does it look stunning but smells appetizing too!

Erin simple put into words exactly what I needed to hear. Its in the rare moments when you kinda wonder if anybody sees you or the effort put into something. On that Thursday night she was able to bring a smile and a soft tear to my eye.

Thank you my dearest Erin for being sensitive to your friend’s heart and desires. You truly are a beautiful woman!

Saturday Interruption!

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I had to post this today since it makes perfect sense considering yesterday’s post.

Holly’s at it again! Brought a big ol’ smile to my face as I returned from work today to my mailbox.

Hilarious, right?

Plus today I feel like I am solely keeping the postal system in business. Email, text messages, facebook posts, facebook messages, echats, etc… Those are cheap impersonators of a tried and true letter, stamp and all!

10 letters today. Some fun, some business, some appreciation, some just because!

Happy Saturday Ya’ll!

Lady Luck

Inspiration by Mail

I received a note and present in the mail! Yipppppeeeeee!

My mom always seems to know when I need an smile boost. I firmly believe my mom has super powers. She can see into the future to the exact day that I will need an extra pick me up.

Mary, my mom, is incredible at showing love to me through notes and little presents. Really its the notes that get me the most. Especially now that I live across the country from her. Knowing that it takes extra effort to put her thought in an envelope, address it, stamp it and put it out for the mailman makes them even more special. Living at home when I was younger these notes would show up in my school lunches, bathroom mirror, door frame or tucked into something. Whatever form of deliver, their presence was joyfully received. I’ve saved a few of my favorites in a scrapbook  from over the years.

I have many many more that are tucked away in my “Pick-Me-Up” box. Labeled accordingly for the days where a touch of home and family are just the right medicine. I’ve had this box even when I lived with my family or close to. Sometimes a reminder is all you need to feel the love. I am happy to say I have overfilling boxes of them! (I’m not big on knickknacks but notes from special people will always be saved.)

Here are the most recent additions. They are tucked or taped into the door frame, light switch and shoe rack to remind me when ever I leave my room that I am loved. (Oh hello! Yes, that is me sans hat.)

To the package at hand. What inspiration to receive at one time! Not only a note from my mom but a little artwork to go along with it.

I don’t know whether to send these beauties (to a deserving individual!) or frame them. The cards are produced by Hope for Women, a fair trade company.  The cards featured above are flowers from El Salvador that have been arranged on the lady bust forms. All of the products sold by Hope for Women are made from artisan women who are supporting their families worldwide. A great cause to support the arts and women.

Another bonus is Aveda has partnered with Hope for Women to help promote and sell their products in the Aveda salons. What better way than women supporting women all in the name of unique beauty!  This is where my mom found these ladies after getting yet another cute haircut. Glad to say I have fashionable mother who is also aware of world issues and appreciative of the arts!

For the Love of Mail

Inspiration by Mail

I was the child who would walk around the house with a pen and paper; writing notes, taking my family’s food orders (“Can I take yo or-da?!”), and scribbling letters to who knows who. All of this of course was before I could even read and write.

Fast forward 20 years and nothing has really changed. I still have a penchant for paper and pens. Anything that has an extra filigree added to it or my initial is bound to be found in my desk. If I didn’t like sending mail so much I would probably hoard all the lovely items I find to display around my house or just store up in boxes.

This past week has been one inspirational mail related item after another!

Making my mom’s beef barley soup on Monday, I found a sweet little spoon rest dish in the cabinet. Another sparkle to my day!

Then while perusing the ever popular, I came across these beauties. One day when I have my very own office/art room/escape, these pieces will have a home.

I would like to do this with one of the envelopes I have saved from my Grandma Bee writing me. She is always an inspiration to me in so many ways.

For Christmas, I made my niece, Jelly, a quiet book with a page that has a play mailbox. One day I will sit down at the sewing machine to make her play envelopes to go in them. For the time being, I send her tiny notes through the mail to go in it. What little girl wouldn’t love receiving stickers and other little goodies that I can find to fit into an envelope?

Audrey Hepburn will forever be a style icon that I will look up to. The day I found this I was glad to have Audrey as that person. Poise, style, and profound thoughts. (Hopefully she was the first person to come up with this quote.)

Now that you have your phrase of the day, go out and be Impossible!