Opening Act at the Big Top

Art Doodles

I’m excited for the next Family Camp already!

One of my birthday wishes, this year, was for special camping dishes. I was inspired by Deru, a local favorite spot, who serves their food on black and white enamelware dishes. Clean, functional and perfect for camp life. Add a dent or two and suddenly it has more character with memories.

Thank you, Mom and Dad^2, for a wonderful gift and many memories to come!

Doxie 0450

Camp life is always a juggling act of some kind. But, oh is it fun!

Here is the link to the dishes I received.


Her Girl Thursday

Art Doodles

I have a Thursday Girl.

She’s My Girl Thursday instead of Friday. Great movie with Cary Grant. Appreciate the banter and smart retorts.

Yup, my weekly dose of little girly goodness. Pink bows, toothy grins, frilly skirts, and giggles.

Isn’t she precious!

I’ve been playing with her since she was 2 1/2 months old. She’s my little side kick for adventures, lunch dates and chillin.

This lovely lady is not that old yet but has already been taught the value of a good handbag and shopping. The only talents a girl should really cultivate in life. 🙂

My first foray into the world of designer handbags. I must say that I am hooked!

Thank you dear Thursday Girl for making my life so extremely blessed!  Also for making my arm candy so beautiful!

This is one of my favorite moments while skydiving. Feeling like I am soaring above the globe. Amazing moment!!!

Just Because…

One of my all time favorite pictures of Thursday. All that baby goodness!

Model perfect at the beach!

I have a slight obsession with putting headbands and bows on her little soft head. Who can resist!