A Baby for my Birthday

Art Doodles

A glassybaby that is!

A dear friend is long time supporter and admirer of glassybaby votives. I will refrain from naming how many she has but lets just say she a “mother” load!

For my birthday this year, she made me card carrying member of the glassybaby club with this one.

Thank you, my dear Maggie!

Doxie 0442

Taking deep breathes in this new birthday year and enjoying the blessings all around.


Bonded by Wine & Paint

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

I’ve received two of these flowery little thank you cards from my friend Krissy. Such elegant pieces of prettiness.


1. For a birthday gift of homemade lavender sachets and bird glass charms. Krissy is a delightful host who has such wonderful spreads of cheese and wine for our friends. Love it!

2. The repainting of her old apartment that I helped her paint at the beginning. What a weird deja vu! We had a great time catching up and drinking lots of coffee very early in the morning.

Onward to new adventures, my dear! Thanks for the thanks!