Birthstone Memories

Art Doodles

A dear friend gave me a gold bracelet with a sapphire stone charm. It’s beautiful!

I like it for three reasons:

1. Gold

2. My birthstone

3. Sri Lanka

Last year, my husband and I with some friends took an adventurous trip to Sri Lanka and Dubai. Sri Lanka is known for its sparkling blue sapphire stones. We went to a gem shop while we were there. I can still remember the glittering different blues dancing before my eyes.

Thank you, Lo, for giving me a daily reminder of a wonderful trip! And of course a little bling to my outfit.

Lo Bracelet

Every day can be improved by a little sparkle!


Pucker Up Buttercup!

Art Doodles

Pickles are one of my top favorite snacks and sidekicks to a sandwich.

I’m a dill only kinda gal. I’ll eat bread & butter pickles or sweet pickles but there is nothing like the puckering quality of a dill pickle.

My late Grandpa Bee would agree with me!

My sister-in-law gave me a big ‘ol jar of homemade pickles with the recipe and pickling spice for my birthday! For some reason, I had never thought to make my own all these years. Now I’m eating a pickle or two any time the munchies appear.

We had a girl’s day with other family and friends to make refrigerator style traditional and unique pickled items.

Hmmm mmmm Delicious!

Thank you, Becky, for enlightening me on the delectable homemade pickle process!

Doxie 0454

Beauty Tip: A good dill pickle will always create that perfect lip pucker.

Dill Pickle Recipe:

8 cups water

1/2 cup canning salt

2 cups distilled water

Bring to a boil, then place in bowl with:

1 bulb garlic

2 tsp pickling spice

8-12 stocks dill

3-4 small onions

pickling cucumbers

Let sit out for 3 days (c0vered), refrigerate for 8 months – 1 year.

Girl’s Weekend

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A friend from college was recently married in Orlando, FL. Lucky for me, one of my best friends lives there too. A wedding is always a great excuse to have a girl’s weekend!

My friend, Angie, was the perfect hostess for me on this weekend excursion. She greeted me with a bag of goodies to help me fight through jetlag, the intense Florida sun and the occasional chocolate craving.

Thank you, my dear Angie, for making me feel like a super special guest!

Doxie 0431

My PNW white skin definitely wasn’t ready for the rays of the Florida sun. Here I am slathered in sunscreen while eating my chocolate poolside. Sounds pretty good to me!

Borrowed Emeralds

Art Doodles

Earlier this fall, my sister-in-law Becky married Rob! Wahoo!!!

As per usual, a girl’s gotta think about what she is going to wear to this splendid event! I had found this top at Anthropologie, this skirt at Nordstrom and  these Vince Camuto shoes but not any accessories to go with it. What is a girl to do?

In comes East Coast Savvy Shopper, Lori! She is one of the great new additions to our family (Rob’s mom). She found the below pair of earrings at a sweet store in Queen Anne while we were having a mani/pedi time with the ladies. I immediately thought to myself, “Those would be perfect for my outfit!”

The next day, wedding day!, I tried to make what I had in my stash of jewelry for the outfit but the ladies ruled it out. In comes Lori, who graciously let me borrow them for the night. I was thrilled!

I have affinity for all things emerald. My ring is a emerald cut, I think the color emerald is gloriously rich, I live in the Emerald City and I was married during the year of the emerald color. Needless to say, I had to go back to the store to get my own. And I did!

IMG_7531Here are the little beauties displayed on our Thankfulness tree in the living room. Boy and I am thankful for them!

Thank you, dear Lori, for making my outfit complete! Let’s go shopping soon!

Borrowed Emeralds

 These little gems have kept on sparkling as I feel the urge to wear them all the time.

Birthday Wishes

Art Doodles

I’m back at the paint brush, ink and paper again!

This thank you card goes out to my sister-in-law and (new) brother-in-law, Becky and Rob! They were so thoughtful to send birthday wishes mere days after their wedding while they were on a honeymoon. I was flabbergasted at the sweet thought and kind words. So lucky to have you both in my life now!

The leaves are starting to change where I live and I couldn’t be happier.

Reading under a golden tipped tree seems like perfection right now!

Foody, Fun and Fifty

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My mom turned Fifty! Say what!!!

She is an incredible woman who teaches me continually in all areas of life. To celebrate her half a century of extreme awesomeness, my family and I threw her a surprise filled 4 days of fun and food.

A picture montage to tell it all.

image image image 303043_10151664824557526_1548563046_n 935733_10151664824972526_662485295_n 262576_10151664826012526_1709198949_n 945959_10151664826467526_417156341_n 247123_10151664826567526_412690687_n image image image 486694_10151664834987526_22761387_n 943428_10151664834967526_2127122133_n 946808_10151664835212526_200854527_n 577678_10151664835487526_1885456809_n image 941884_10151664837492526_1126392577_n 320836_10151664837697526_1614648184_n

Pomegranate Bistro, Toulouse Petit, Nordstrom Personal Shopper Department, Family Dinners, Gene Juarez Spa in Bellevue, Woodinville Lavender Farm, Chateau St. Michelle, Black Bottle, Surprise Birthday Party

My momma sent me a hand written thank you to show her appreciation for all the details that went into planning the weekend.


Thank you, my Toots, for letting me be your daughter and writing me notes all the time. Much Love!

Narwhal of a Good Time!

Inspiration by Mail, Miss Thank You's Mailbox

My good friend, Christina, had a baby!

Bee Bop

Bee Bop A Ree Bop is what I call her. In short, Bee Bop. This is a snapshot from one of our church groups. She gave me an endearing smile.

The rest of the world calls her Ellie. (I’m partial to this name as well since my first niece is an Ellie.)

Well, back before Bee Bop made her entrance into the world, Kristy and I decided to throw Christina and baby girl a shower to celebrate them both!

This is what came about through a few discussions with Christina, the inspiration of the sea and the love of friendship.




20130120_172936Kristy, Christina, Bee Bop and myself.

One of Kristy’s great ideas was to have addressed envelopes from all the guests to help ease the process of thank you card writing. I took it one step farther and created a narwhal inspired card to go along. Since Christina liked the theme of the sea, book pages, bunting and and little pops of pink, I took inspiration and went with it.


The best part is I received one from her! It is a rare moment when I am given one of my own creations. Adding a truly Christina touch, she underlined funny, applicable or weird words on the book page envelopes. Love it!

My dearest Christina, thank you for saying thanks!

House Full of Thanks

Miss Thank You's Mailbox

In December, I went to a housewarming party for a dear friend. She and her husband had bought their first home. What an exciting first in life!

The chose a cozy home that has lots of charm. Along with a view off of their deck!

As a housewarming gift, The Man and I brought a basket of goodies that complement a new home. Chocolate, Bread, Cheese, and wine.

I had originally seen this basket of goodies idea on Pinterest. Of course. I have no original thoughts anymore. This woman in her blog provides a reason for every item in the basket. I really like being able to give a gift that can be used.

Tarah, every so on top of things, sent a thank you card soon after the party.

20130130_102153The card is whimsical and pretty in its uniquely different fonts, string and details. One of my favorite parts is the stamp. The image of the little mailman carrying his sack of mail with a smile on his face is extremely joyful to me. It really is the small things in life that add up to be the big stuff.


My Right & Left Hand Ladies

Art Doodles

My birthday celebrations would not have been possible without these two very special ladies, Brittany and Melissa. They are my late night dance partners, early morning laughter and midday check ins. Otherwise known as awesome roommates!!!

Brittany was a complete peach and made my actual birthday one to remember right from the start. She left a handmade card for me by the bathroom sink so I would see it right off. Best way to start off a birthday!

Melissa gave me such a sweet pair of real pearl earrings from her travels last summer. She bought them in a little market (in a very obscure foreign country)! How completely special is that!

And the Tiffany blue box is just icing on top!

Both of these ladies helped me to throw my Dive into 25 birthday party. I literally would not have been able to do it without them. From hanging garland to grocery shopping to keeping calm.

Ladies, you are both extremely amazing!

Brittany does shopping like from the old show “Shop til You Drop”! But of course styling in glitter fabulous cowgirl boots!

And Melissa made me feel like a woman even while skydiving!


Crazy Bird & Victorious Virginia Fly!

Art Doodles

As I started planning/anticipating my 25th birthday the options for activities were as follows:

Take a trip

       (but where? and with who? and with what money!!!?)

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

       (with who? training? guide?)

Hike/Cross the Capilano Bridge in Canada

       (not BIG enough for a 25th)

Shoot a gun

       (uuuhhhh accomplished this over Labor Day weekend- heck yeah!)

Go on a safari

       (usually they are in Africa which means traveling and we already discussed that in #1 how that was not possible)


       (The winner! But wait a minute, with who?!)

That is where Crazy Bird Dan came into play.

The same person who graciously did a photo shoot for my friend, Brenda, and I was willing to jump out of a plane with me.

“What a guy! What a crazy, wonderful kind of person!”

(White Christmas, circa 1954)

I sent out a feeler for anyone who would be up to jumping out of planes with me. Dan emphatically said yes! People, that’s the kind of person I want jumping out of planes. A wicked excited one!

And that is the story of how Dan and I came to the point of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Thanks, Dan, for making my birthday truly one to remember!

Crazy Bird, what will our next adventure be?

All smiles after we both landed safely on the ground.

P.S. Dan has gorgeous hair that he is growing out to donate to Wigs for Kids!